David & Joan Lynch School of Engineering Safety & Risk Management

Program & Courses

The School currently consists of two undergraduate courses. These courses are open to engineering students and other interested engineering students. ENGG 404 includes completion of a major risk management project that requires students to work in teams to learn and experience the dynamics of high-performing working groups, which results in beneficial skill development for students moving forward into industry.

The ESRM courses are listed as ENGG 404 and ENGG 406 in the University Course Calendar. A description of each course is noted below.


Undergraduate courses explore the concepts of risk management leadership and industry methodologies and tools practiced in the field. Gain first-hand industry knowledge from guest speakers specifically chosen for their expertise. Develop the skills and toolset needed to effectively identify and execute the disciplines of successful risk management.



Explore loss incidents which cause a staggering number of injuries and fatalities. Learn how reducing the frequency and severity of these incidents would significantly impact the health, social, and economic benefits of society.


Post Graduate

Through the development of a new field of research program in ESRM there is an opportunity to further develop and shape the future of engineering risk and safety management. To learn more about any opportunities, direct your enquiries to Dr. Lianne Lefsrud.


Industry and Government

The courses offered will provide operational / industry experience to ensure that engineering safety and risk management principles and practices can be applied in a multitude of industrial, commercial, and institutional settings.



The School provides an additional precense for engineering students. From lectures on safety and risk management to Industrial Professors presenting in real-world settings, there is so much more in store beyond the course offerings.