Engineering EHS Management System

Faculty of Engineering provides students and researches with hands on experience across all departments. Given the nature of work work in engineering, and the responsibility of the public well being, all engineers consider safety and risk management paramount. Thus the faculty provides all staff, students,researchers, and workers with standardized health and safety program referred to as the Engineering Health, and Safety Management System (EHSMS). The section of the website aims to provide basic health and safety information for front line supervisors, staff, and students. The faculty safety advisor can guide you through the entire process.

This program (EHS MS) is categorized into 10 fundamental elements:

  1. Program Management & Leadership
  2. Hazard Management
  3. Training & Competency
  4. Inspection & Maintenance
  5. Incident Management
  6. Emergency Preparedness
  7. Contractor Management
  8. Environmental Management
  9. Program Evaluation
  10. Program Promotion

Each element is associated to the basic laboratory responsibilities.