Fem+ Engineering Mentorship Program

Explore all the possibilities in engineering

Fem+ is a seven-month mentorship program for high school students who are women and members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. The Fem+ program gives students the opportunity to explore all the possibilities in the field of engineering! Whether you are certain about pursuing a degree in engineering, considering it among multiple programs, or feeling like you need to know more before making a decision – this program is designed to help you explore if engineering is the best fit for you!

You can create and foster valuable connections with engineering student mentors, university services, and professionals. The program also provides spaces for engineering students and professionals to share their experiences and provides one-on-one advice about university applications, what engineering is like, and the transition from high school to university.

The Fem+ program provides you with opportunities to:

  • Be mentored  one-on-one by a current engineering student
  • Participate in information sessions,
  • Attend events and tours, and
  • Join online discussion platforms to pose questions and contribute to discussions with other high school students and engineering students

Fem+ Engineering Mentorship Program invites applications from high school students annually in September.


Fem+ Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have my mind made up about engineering to apply to Fem+?
The Fem+ program’s goal is to introduce you to engineering and to help you find out if engineering is a good fit for you.

You might be interested in multiple programs or haven’t even thought about engineering yet, and that’s okay!

This program will give you opportunities to ask questions, hear about experiences in engineering, and meet high school students also exploring their university options.
Is the program open to students outside of the Edmonton area?
Yes! If you are enrolled in high school anywhere in Canada, you are welcome and encouraged to apply! We have had high school students from Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and the Yukon participate in the program from cities, small towns, and rural areas.

The Fem+ program has a mix of virtual and in-person content,
 and in-person participation is not required. We record live-stream in-person sessions whenever possible.
What are the information sessions about?

Information sessions adapt and change each year.

We ask applicants to share their interests in their application to help guide our programming.

Examples of previous topics include:

  • “What even is engineering?”
  • What courses should I take in high school?
  • Application to university help session
  • The real-world application of engineering (work experience, the co-op program, research and more!)
  • How to make your scholarship application stand out
  • How to apply for Scholarships
  • Being a member of an underrepresented group in engineering
  • Academic and mental health resources
  • Specializations in engineering

If you’re looking for information like this without the commitment of a mentorship program, the UofA Admissions and Programs offers tours and events on similar topics throughout the year.

The time commitment does not work for me. How else can I learn if engineering is a good fit for me?

There are many opportunities throughout the year for high school students:

Is there a cost for the program?
There are no program fees.

However, should you decide to attend events at the University of Alberta, travel and personal expenses are not included.
I want to volunteer. How do I get involved?
We’d love to have you involved!

There are many volunteer opportunities available including becoming a mentor, guest presenter, and helping with program operations. Please contact us at femprog@ualberta.ca.
How often do mentors and mentees meet?
We suggest that mentors and mentees connect at least once a month during the program.

We encourage you to connect in whatever way works best for you! (Ex. text message, email, phone, or in-person).

It is up to the individual mentor and mentee to decide how often they would like to meet. For mentees, we recommend writing down questions you have for your mentor prior to meeting with them to help keep the conversation going and to ensure you get the most out of your program experience.
What are events like?

The social events aim to introduce program participants to each other and to start building relationships.

Past social events have included:

  • What engineering is and engineering vs science
  • Shadowing engineering students to a university class
  • Hearing people’s journeys to engineering
  • What first year is like and how to navigate it
  • Tour and activities in the Elko Engineering Garage

An important part of any university program is building community. The Fem+ program seeks to help you begin building this community in the hopes that you’ll feel better prepared for your transition to university.

Want to know more?

High School Students, Teachers, Parents, and Counsellors:
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