Second Year Registration

Important: If you have not been admitted to an Engineering program, please visit the Qualifying Student Registration page for information.

The content in this section is intended for students who have been admitted to an Engineering program following successful completion of their qualifying year requirements.

Students can access program-specific registration information on our Program Specific Registration pages.

Tuition Deposit

Students transferring from another post-secondary institution must pay their tuition deposit before they are able to build their schedule or register in classes. The fastest way to have your tuition deposit processed is to pay by credit card through Launchpad. Using other payment methods may delay your registration access. More information is available on the Tuition Deposit Payment page.

Registration Timelines

Registration will begin on July 14, 2023 at approximately 7:00 AM MST. Before July 14, you may notice an “Engineering Registration Block” on your account: this will be lifted the morning of July 14 to allow all second year students the same opportunity to register in classes.

Register Early: As classes may fill up quickly, we strongly recommend that students register in classes for both the Fall and Winter terms as soon as their enrollment date is open for the term.

Selecting and Registering in Courses

Follow Your Program Sequence: Students should follow the program sequence for the year they entered their program. Program details are available in the University of Alberta Calendar, the Bear Tracks Academic Requirements Report, as well as your Program Planner: review this information to ensure you know what courses you need to take to complete your degree. If you follow the sequence outlined in the program plan, you will be able to complete your program in four (traditional program) or five (co-op program) years.

Registration restrictions are in place to help ensure seats are available for on-sequence students. If you are following your sequence and cannot register in a core course because it is full, contact Please ensure you include your student ID in your message.

Important: If you choose to register in classes that are off-sequence for your program, you do so at your own risk. We are unable to assist students with registration in full courses if they are not following the sequence outlined on their program planner/in the Calendar. Students placed into discipline from a second qualifying year (Y2Q2) may have already completed some second year courses and may want to adjust their course registration as a result of this credit. Please see Engineering Off-Sequence Course Planning for more information.

Building Your Schedule in Bear Tracks

The Registrar's Office offers several short guides and videos to help you navigate Bear Tracks. For detailed information, visit the Bear Tracks Help page on the Registrar’s Office website.

Class Search: Use this function to determine when a course is being offered. Many courses are only offered in one term: please take this into consideration when building your schedule. 

Shopping Cart: Use the Shopping Cart in Bear Tracks to create timetables for both Fall and Winter terms. This will make it easier for you to build a schedule without timetable conflicts, and will be faster when you register in courses on your enrolment date. 

Swap: This important feature enables students to safely change their registration to a different class. The Swap function will not process the drop of a currently registered course unless you are able to successfully add the new course. This feature protects your seat in the registered course if for some reason you are not able to add the new class. Please use this function instead of dropping the first class before registering in the second class.

Class Notes: Class Notes contain important information about the class as well as restrictions and registration dates for different student groups. To view the Class Notes for a course, click on the green clipboard icon beside the class section. Note: Not all class sections will have Class Notes.

Registration Tips

Course Loads: If you completed a second qualifying year and already have credit for some second year courses, you may have a lighter course load in some terms. You can move courses from third or fourth year up in your sequence as long as you have the necessary requisite(s) for those courses. Note: Taking courses earlier in your program will not reduce the time required to complete your degree.

Future Course Timetabling: We recommend that students take the time to build out future terms using the current Fall/Winter term as a template. Many courses are only offered in one term. If the courses you are blocking together will not fit into your timetable using the current schedule, it is very likely that they will also not fit into your timetable in future terms. Taking the time to check your future course timetables will help avoid potential problems in the future.

Check Terms When Courses are Offered: Many courses are only offered in one term. The University of Alberta Calendar may indicate that a course is typically offered in either term, however, in practice, they are normally offered in one of the Fall, Winter, or Spring/Summer terms only. The best place to see course availability is to use the Class Search & Enroll functions in Bear Tracks.

Spring/Summer Course Registration: If you would like to consider Spring/Summer courses for future registration and timetabling purposes, this schedule will be available in early January before the Winter term add/drop deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

I did not get into the discipline program I wanted. Can I change it?

Placements into programs are final. Your discipline program assignment was determined based on your PAF and your program rankings on the Program Selection form.

To be considered for admission into a different discipline, students must first complete a minimum of eight courses from their assigned discipline over two terms, and present a minimum two-term GPA of 3.0. For more information, visit our Changing Programs page.

I did not get into the discipline program I wanted. What are my career options?

Take the time to learn more about your program using the resources and materials available to you in the Engineering Career Connections Resource Vault. Students who are just starting out on their career discovery journey should start on the Discover Your Anything: Exploring Options page to learn about the various career path options available to them in their discipline. Read through the discipline-specific career information for your program for a high-level overview, including key industries and areas of research, sample job titles, and a select list of companies who hire graduates from the program. 

The University of Alberta Career Centre also offers career development opportunities to investigate: you may discover exciting new careers that you want to pursue within your assigned program.

Last Updated: June 20, 2023