Executive Director 

Dr. Glynnis Lieb

Dr. Glynnis Lieb holds a PhD in Personality and Social Psychology. She has worked both for government and not-for-profit social services organizations. She is also a post-secondary instructor and has held sessional positions in five institutions in Manitoba and Alberta over the past 14 years.

Glynnis believes strongly in community involvement and social activism. She sits on a number of boards for entities that are health or social justice focused. She has been a union activist for much of her adult life.

Glynnis also volunteers for a number of community organizations. Through this volunteerism, she is an active supporter of local arts, poverty reduction initiatives, mental health and addiction education and support, 2SLGBTQ+ community members, offender rehabilitation programs, supports for people with disabilities, and anti-discrimination initiatives.

Finally, Glynnis is very politically involved. She has volunteered for numerous campaigns at municipal, provincial and federal levels of government. Her labour involvement has included significant lobbying activities and she worked for the Alberta Federation of Labour before joining the Fyrefly Institute in 2018.

Fyrefly Institute Staff Members 

Manager of Programs and Services

Evan Westfal (He/Him)


Communications and Events Coordinator
Yasmine Abdel Razek (She/Her)

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Fyrefly in Schools Education Coordinator (Primary contact)
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Fyrefly in Schools Rural Coordinator

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