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The Alberta Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Students Alliance (GSA) Network provides support to students & teachers to start, strengthen, and sustain GSA clubs (also known as gay-straight alliances, gender & sexual orientation alliances, queer-straight alliances, pride clubs, rainbow alliances, and many other names) in Alberta's K-12 schools.

Every year, we hold the AB GSA Conference which provides educational workshops and presentations on 2SLGBTQ+ topics to students and teachers. It provides students with vital resources, resiliency skills, and access to safer spaces.

 We have the following workshops available:

  • Queer History Trivia - With Kahoot Quiz
  • Queer Music History - With Sing-Along!
  • Mental Health for GSAs
  • Coming Out & Self Acceptance

To book a free workshop for your GSA, please email fyreflys@ualberta.ca

GSA Conference Highlights


The conference has always made me feel accepted and celebrated in my identity, I always feel less alone when and after attending. I'm always so happy to learn new things to help with my general knowledge of the queer community as well as ways to be inclusive and respectful of my peers” (student)

“I so appreciated the knowledge, expertise, and care of each speaker. The entire conference radiated positivity and affirmation, which is exactly what our kids need right now” (teacher)

"I felt like I have new things in my back pocket that I can use today, that don't need mounds of work to get to. It is very exciting" (school counselor)


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The Fyrefly Institute has a number of programs and services that provide support the well being of 2SLGBTQ+ youth in Edmonton and surrounding area. You can support the work we do by making a charitable donation to any of our programs, services, or projects.

All donations are eligible for a charitable tax deduction receipt from the University of Alberta. 

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