The University of Alberta has a vibrant, and storied history of supporting 2SLGBTQ+ allied students, faculty, and staff, both on campus and beyond. In 1975, UAlberta students created GATE (Gay Alliance towards Equality), one of the first gay-affirming campus organizations in Canada! GATE later evolved into the Gay-Lesbian Community Centre of Edmonton, the city's first advocacy and support centre for 2SLGBTQ+ people.

To learn more about the Queer History's of Edmonton and the University of Alberta:

A look back in history through historical Gateway articles that highlight the 2SLGBTQ+ community and illustrates the advocacy work on the U of A campus.

The University of Alberta has a number of organizations on campus whose mandate support Queer folks:

Donate to Fyrefly

The Fyrefly Institute has served 2SLGBTQ+ people for more than twenty years, fighting for queer rights since before marriage equality was achieved in Canada. Every year, we reach and support thousands of people throughout the province. To sustain our thriving programs, we are seeking $10,000 in funding. Please donate to the Fyrefly Institute fund.


The Alberta Public Interest Research Group ( APIRG) is a student led, non-profit organization based at the University of Alberta. APIRG supports student and community based research, social activism and advocacy by providing resources to help students be active participates in their community.

 For more information on APIRG visit their website. For inquiries contactapirg@ualberta.ca


OUTlaw Alberta is a student organization within the Faculty of Law directed at queer students and their allies. OUTlaw's primary purpose is to promote a queer positive atmosphere within the Law School. OUTlaw provides information to current and prospective students about queer issues at the school and within the broader University and Edmonton communities, organizing social activities, developing relationships with queer positive people in the professional legal community, and by providing visibility and support for other queer students.

 For more information on OUTlaw click here. For inquiries contactoutlaw@ualberta.ca.


OUTreach is the University of Alberta's LGBTQ+ and Allied Social Group. OUTtreach strives to provide a safer, welcoming space for anyone who considers themselves a part of, or an ally to, the LGBTQ+ community. OUTreach is open to the public and members do not need to be U of A affiliated. All are welcome to join them for their weekly meetings, socials and events throughout the year.

 For more information on OUTreach visit their website. For inquires email outreach@ualberta.ca


Intersections of Gender is an academic hub focused on illuminating intersectional gender research, supporting interdisciplinary research collaborations, growing inclusive mentorship and teaching, and engaging communities across all sectors on gender + intersectionality.

 For more information on RIG visit their website. For any inquiries you can contact rig@ualberta.ca

The Landing

The Landing is a Students' Union service at the University of Alberta main campus that offers support for gender and sexual diverse folks. The Landing aims to advocate and promote gender equity on campus through events, awareness campaigns, outreach, educational sessions and volunteer opportunities. The Landing is a welcoming and inclusive space on campus for gender and sexual diverse communities as well as a support for their family, friends and allies.

To learn more about The Landing and all the services they provide visit their website. For any inquiries contact thelanding@su.ualberta.ca.

Through programs that empower, build self-esteem and emphasis the importance of leadership and community we are creating hope within the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Here are some stories from people we have helped through our various programs.

Camp fYrefly Stories 

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