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CHEW Project Volunteer

The Community Health Empowerment & Wellness (CHEW) Project first opened in 2014 as an educational resource for 2LGBTQ+ youth and emerging adults experiencing the impacts of systemic oppression due to racism, cissexism, and heterosexism. It later evolved into a community, a home, and a space for folks to access basic resources (e.g., food, clothing). Visit for more info! 

CHEW Community Volunteers are an essential part of our community, helping with everything from food prep and cleaning, to greeting people and assisting with programs. We are currently updating our volunteer intake process and also moving locations (YAY!). Submit your info HERE and we'll reach out as soon as we're up and running!

Camp Fyrefly is Canada's only national leadership retreat for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-identified, two-spirited, intersexed, queer, questioning, and allied youth. The Camp is designed to help youth develop the leadership skills and personal resiliency necessary for them to become agents for positive change in their schools, families, and communities. The Camp, guided by a Youth Advisory Committee (YAC), and created with an arts-based educational philosophy, is jam-packed with dance, drama, music, writing, visual art, empowerment and reflection exercises, anti-oppression work, personal growth opportunities, healthy socialization, and in-depth learning activities about specific youth topics and social issues. Camp Fyrefly programming focuses on four key areas: leadership, individual development, socialization, and resiliency.

Camp Fyrefly Youth Leaders are responsible for enhancing the Camp Fyrefly experience for a group of younger campers (known as a pod) through peer to peer mentorship, education, and support. The Youth Leader role involves many important informal mentoring and leadership opportunities with youth at Camp including leading group activities, facilitating small group discussion and workshop debriefs with their pod, providing constructive feedback to other leaders at Camp, and providing one on one support and referring to other supports as necessary. Youth Leaders are required to attend a two day training to set them up for success at Camp.

Camp fYrefly Youth Leaders average time commitment is 85 hours per year, concentrated over a few weeks in the summer. For more information visit  Camp fYrefly, or email

The Fyrefly Institute for Gender and Sexual Diversity and the Calgary Sexual Health Centre (CSHC) organize the Alberta GSA Conferences each year. The conference aims to provide students, teachers, school staff, and community groups the opportunity to acquire knowledge and resources to start, strengthen, and sustain GSA clubs. GSA clubs have been shown to contribute to more welcoming, caring, respectful, and safer learning environments for sexual and gender minority and allied students in schools. The conference connects students and teachers from across the province through a series of workshops, resource displays, and keynote address.

GSA Conference Volunteers are responsible for conference workshop support, assisting with nutrition breaks, conference preparation and registration, and helping to promote the conference across the province on social media.

For more information, email

University of Alberta Pride Week consists of educational and social events aimed at engaging our campus communities to come together to collectively build and support safe, caring, and respectful campus environments for 2SLGBTQ+ folks and allied students, staff, and faculty.

UAlberta Pride Week Volunteers are responsible for the planning and implementation of key Pride Week events. This includes advertising ( tabling, posters), preparing venues, collaborating with other University and Community groups, food preparation, and liaising with guest speakers. 

A UAlberta Pride Week Volunteer's average time commitment is 20 hours per year, and can be less or more depending on individual interest. Pride Week takes place mid-March of every year.

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The Fyrefly Institute has a number of programs and services that provide support the well- being of 2SLGBTQ+ youth in Edmonton and the surrounding area. You can support the work we do by making a charitable donation to any of our programs, services, or projects. 

All donations are eligible for a charitable tax deduction receipt from the University of Alberta. 

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