Community Resources

We believe in community networking and working together with local organizations to ensure that people are able to access support from other great organizations in and around Edmonton. Through collaboration, we are able to best serve the 2SLGBTQ+ community.

Here is a list of on-campus and off-campus resources and services that provide services from mental health to housing. We also have an extensive resource list, which you can find here.  

Donate to Fyrefly

The Fyrefly Institute has served 2SLGBTQ+ people for more than twenty years, fighting for queer rights since before marriage equality was achieved in Canada. Every year, we reach and support thousands of people throughout the province. To sustain our thriving programs, we are seeking $10,000 in funding. Please donate to the Fyrefly Institute fund.

Immediate Supports

Briteline (Edmonton 2SLGBTQIA+ support line)

Distress Line 
780-482-4357 (HELP)

Trans Lifeline

Kids Help Phone
Call 1-800-668-6868 / Text 686868

Suicide Crisis Helpline

Call 9-8-8 / Text 988 

Hope for Wellness Helpline
Call 1-855-242-3310 / Chat on their website

If you are in an urgent situation and need help immediately, please call 911. 

On-campus resources

Name and Gender Change Processes

The Office of the Registrar has a resource for name and gender changes for University of Alberta records!

Visit the Changes to Personal Information web page here.
Find all the ways to contact the Student Service Centre here  (Live Chat, Student Service Portal, Phone Queue)

All Gender Washroom Map

Check out the U's interactive maps! You can include a search for All Gender Washrooms by clicking on "Quick Finds" and selecting "All Gender Washrooms". 

See the All Gender Washroom map here.

2SLGBTQ+ Library Guide

Visit UAlberta's library website for a list of key journals along with help to find articles and books related to 2SLGBTQ+ issues, histories, and more!

Visit the 2SLGBTQ+ Library Guide 
Phone: 780-492-5791


The Alberta Public Interest Research Group ( APIRG) is a student led, non-profit organization based at the University of Alberta. APIRG supports student and community based research, social activism and advocacy by providing resources to help students be active participates in their community.

For more information on APIRG, visit their website. For inquiries contact


OUTlaw Alberta is a student organization within the Faculty of Law directed at queer students and their allies. OUTlaw's primary purpose is to promote a queer positive atmosphere within the Law School. OUTlaw provides information to current and prospective students about queer issues at the school and within the broader University and Edmonton communities, organizing social activities, developing relationships with queer positive people in the professional legal community, and by providing visibility and support for other queer students.

 For more information on OUTlaw click here. For inquiries contact

Institute for Intersectionality Studies

Institute for Intersectionality Studies is an academic hub focused on illuminating intersectional gender research, supporting interdisciplinary research collaborations, growing inclusive mentorship and teaching, and engaging communities across all sectors on gender + intersectionality.

For more information on the institute, visit their website. For any inquiries you can contact

The Landing

The Landing is a Students' Union service at the University of Alberta main campus that offers support for gender and sexual diverse folks. The Landing aims to advocate and promote gender equity on campus through events, awareness campaigns, outreach, educational sessions and volunteer opportunities. The Landing is a welcoming and inclusive space on campus for gender and sexual diverse communities as well as a support for their family, friends and allies.

To learn more about them and all the services they provide, visit the The Landing's website. For any inquiries contact

Black Students Association

The University of Alberta Black Students' Association will serve as an organization which strives to empower and promote community interaction among all black students at the University of Alberta. With the goal of fostering student development, the UABSA's objective is to create a network of supportive members who connect culturally, socially, and contribute to one another's success academically.


First People's House

Guided by Indigenous cultural teachings, the First Peoples' House provides an environment of empowerment for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit (FNMI) learners to achieve personal and academic growth. First Peoples is commitment to supporting the First Nations, Métis, and Inuit student community on campus and provide services that reflect this responsibility. They honour the Indigenous worldview of education as a continuous ceremony of learning by respecting and supporting the voices and spirit of our student community at the University of Alberta.

To learn more visit the First Peoples' House website here.

Phone: (780) 492- 5677

U of A Sexual Assault Centre

The U of A Sexual Assault Centre provides drop-in crisis intervention support to survivors of sexual violence & their supporters, as well as comprehensive educational workshops for the Campus Community. They actively work towards creating a campus community free of sexual violence and operate from a feminist, anti-oppressive, intersectional, trauma-informed, person-centered framework.

To learn more visit the U of A Sexual Assault Centre website here.

Phone: 780-492-9771

Peer Support Centre

Operating through the University of Alberta's Students' Union, the Peer Support Centre has a group of caring and trained volunteers who are there to listen. For more information, including making an appointment, please visit their website

Phone: 780-492-4268

University Health Centre (UHC)

Whether you are feeling unwell or it's time for a regular check-up, the physicians and nurses at the University Health Centre are here to help and to answer any questions you have relating to your health care journey. As a member of the UAlberta community, you are welcome to use the UHC as your primary health care facility for the duration of your time at the university.

Phone: 780-492-4612

LGBTQ+ Pharmacy Students' Club

The LGBTQ+ Pharmacy Students Club (LGBTQ-PhSC) has made it their mission to provide a safe space for students indentifying as LGBTQ+ to flourish and feel empowered. They specifically aim to support students in their academic endeavours while providing opportunities to bolster their social support network. Most importantly, they work to advocate for the needs and concerns specific to the LGBTQ+ student population.

Instagram: @uofa_lgbtq_phsc

UHC Pharmacy

Conveniently located in the Students' Union Building, they are a full-service pharmacy dedicated to serving all students and staff at the University of Alberta as well as the surrounding community.

The Pharmacy team is ready to assist you with a full selection of prescription and over-the-counter medications, health and wellness products, and a comprehensive range of services. 

Phone: 780-492-2634

Counselling and Clinical Services

Counselling & Clinical Services (CCS) provides psychological treatment services to the students at the University of Alberta using a short-term therapy model. The intention is to help students cope with situations that impact their current level of mental health or illness to assist them to function successfully during their University experience.

For more information, including hours of operation and how to book an appointment, please visit their website

Phone: 780-492-5205

Wellness Supports

Providing 1:1 social work support, community engagement, and workshops. Visit their website for more info. 

Phone: 780-492-1619

Campus Food Bank

The Campus Food Bank supports food insecure individuals in the U of A community, including staff, students, and alumni. They also have a grocery bus program with weekly runs to stores a bit farther from campus.

Visit the Campus Food Bank website here
Phone: 780-492-8677

Office of the Student Ombuds

The Office of the Student Ombuds is a confidential service that strives to ensure that university processes related to students operate as fairly as possible. We offer information, advice, and support to students, faculty, and staff as they deal with academic, discipline, interpersonal, and financial issues related to student programs.

Visit the Office of the Student Ombus website here.
Phone: 780-492-4689


A free accompaniment service for anyone travelling around campus at night. 

Visit the Safewalk website here.
Phone: 780-492-5563 (780 4 WALKME)

General 2SLGBTQ+ Resources


The AltView Foundation for Gender Variant and Sexual Minorities' mission is to provide resources and support to sexual minority and gender variant persons in Strathcona County and surrounding regions. Learn more about Altview here.

outLoud Foundation

Outloud Foundation for Community LGBTQ Supports and Services is a non-profit organisation that provides resources and programming to 2SLGBTQ+ youth and adults in St. Alberta. Outloud has monthly youth meetings, Juniors meetings for all ages, and supports PFLAG St. Alberta.

Learn more about outLoud Foundation on their website.

Phone: 780-990-6518

Pride Centre of Edmonton

The Pride Centre of Edmonton provides a non-judgmental, welcoming space where people of all attractions, identities, and expressions can be themselves, find support, meet new people, and be part of a caring community. Pride Centre is a safe space that welcomes every individual who walks through the doors. They offer resources, education, volunteer, opportunities, counselling, and a whole host of activities. They also organize programs such as support groups, social events, and educational seminars to help the social, mental, and physical health of our community.

Learn more about the Pride Centre of Edmonton on their website.


Phone: (780) 488-3234


Africa Centre

The organization strives to create opportunities for access and full participation of members of the African community in all aspects of society including economic, social, cultural and educational endeavours and contribute to the holistic development and wellness of the African individual, family and community.

Learn more about Africa Centre on their website.

Phone: (780) 455-5423

Edmonton Two Spirit Society

Edmonton Two Spirit Society's mission is to re-establish and enhance our traditional roles and responsibilities as Two Spirit people in Indigenous communities while creating supportive environments within all societies for contemporary Two Spirit peoples.

Learn more about Edmonton Two Spirit Society on their website.

Phone: (780) 909-1664


It started in 2017 to address the pending issues about the queer community that are left untouched ignored, with hopes that one day all will be well preaching to the world that every single life matters regardless of the differences.

Learn more about RARICANow on their website.


YEG The Comeup

YEG The Comeup collective works towards empowering and sharing various voices and experiences of young peoples of African and Caribbean descent. By coming together to discuss/consider youth-relevant topics and issues through the inclusion of diverse cultures and experiences. YEGTheComeup provides a means for building and supporting identity, collective and self-awareness and community.

Learn more about YEG The Comeup on their website.


Hope for Wellness Helpline

The Hope for Wellness Helpline is available to all Indigenous people across Canada. Experienced and culturally competent counsellors are reachable by telephone and online ‘chat’ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Visit the Hope for Wellness Helpline now.
Phone: 1-855-242-3310

Health Resources

Drop in YEG

They have multiple locations throughout Edmonton with flexible days and times ready to serve you. Please check the service locations for location information.

Learn more about Drop in YEG on their website.

Phone: (780) 423-2831

Queer and Trans Health Collective

The Queer is a grassroots health organization run by and for queer and trans community members. Our vision is for Edmonton queer and trans community members to have equitable opportunity to experience positive health and wellbeing.

Learn more about the Queer and Trans Health Collective on their website

LGBTQ Wellness Centre

The LGBTQ Wellness Centre launched on July 15, 2020.This centre will provide wraparound wellness services for transgender, non-binary, and ender diverse people in Northern Alberta including social supports, mental and physical health services, and educational opportunities.

To learn more about LGBTQ Wellness Centre and for contact information visit their website


Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton exists to support people impacted by sexual violence and engage communities to promote respect and uphold a culture of consent.

Learn more about Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton on their website

Phone: (780) 423-4102

Youth Resources

Camp Dragonfly

Camp Dragonfly is a summer camp in Edmonton, AB for gender creative, trans+, and gender fluid children, their friends & siblings ages 6-13. This two-day camp allows children to engage with music, drama, sports, art, and other games in a setting that supports and encourages exploration and celebration of identity.

Learn more about Camp Dragonfly on their website.


Kids Help Phone

Kids Help Phone is a Canadian charitable organization that provides 24/7 free confidential professional online and telephone counselling and volunteer-led, text-based support in English and French to youth across Canada. Kids Help Phone also provides information on how to access community support services for youth

Learn more about Kids Help Phone on their website

Phone: 1-800-668-6868

Rainbow Alliance for Youth of Edmonton

RAYE's purpose is to share the diverse stories of LGBTQ2S+ youth between ages 12 - 24 living in the Edmonton area to promote increased understanding, empathy, and knowledge of this community's specific needs, strengths, and experiences.

Learn more about Rainbow Alliance for Youth of Edmonton on their website


Cellar Youth Centre

The Cellar Youth Centre is an all-inclusive safe space where teenagers from all walks of life are welcomed and accepted for who they are. Our team of staff and volunteers connect with the kids by offering them holistic care, mentoring relationships, safe 

Learn more about The Cellar Youth Centre on their website

Phone: (780) 437-3000


Based in Edmonton, YESS provides immediate and low barrier shelter, temporary housing, and individualized wraparound support for youth ages 15 - 24. YESS focus on working collaboratively with our youth-supporting partners on prevention and diversion out of homelessness. And ultimately, we aim to walk beside traumatized youth as they heal through relationships.

To learn more about LGBTQ Wellness Centre and for contact information visit their website

Phone: (780) 468-7070

Community Resources

Homeward Trust Edmonton

Homeward Trust Edmonton is a not-for-profit organization committed to ending homelessness in our city. Homeward Trust leads local efforts that address homelessness and its devastating impacts on individual through funding, advocacy and providing resources for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Learn more about Homeward Trust Edmonton on their website

Phone: (780) 496-2634

Family Centre

The Family Centre is a safe space for everyone. People of all ages, cultures, ethnicities, experiences, gender expressions, gender identities, religions, and sexual orientations are welcome to access our services. They offer counselling services, translations, and family and youth services.

Learn more about The Family Centre on their website
Phone: (780) 900-6423

 More Resource Guides

Rainbow Pages
The Rainbow Pages is a resource guide developed by The Family Centre of Northern Alberta to provide Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer+ (LGBTQ+) youth and the youth-serving community with a consolidated guide of supports available in Edmonton. Visit the Rainbow Pages here
IN Directory
Canada’s newest 2SLGBTQI+ community resource directory for 2SLGBTQI+-specific programs, services and supports. Find community resource listings and more from across all 10 provinces and three territories: from St. John’s to Victoria, Iqaluit to Windsor, and everywhere in between. Visit the IN Directory here.

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