A gift from one teacher to another

“I was studying back east, and I kept hearing amazing things about the University of Alberta. So, I moved west.”

“I decided to study for a Bachelor’s in Education, and that decision changed my life, permanently—for the better.”

Tara Fenwick discovered how wonderful an academic community could be. She says, “it was a golden time for educational research. And I still love this campus, because I built my career here.”

Tara recently decided to make a gift in her Will to support a doctoral student scholarship in education.

“I want to make a gift where I can make the most difference, based on my experience, and what’s important to me. That’s why I encourage other individuals to do the same. Pick an area that is meaningful to you, and leave a gift for the future.”

Tara was a midlife student living on a teacher’s salary and couldn’t afford to do her PhD. But thanks to scholarships from our loyal donors, she could.

“After my Master’s degree, I knew I could only study full-time if I got scholarships. That made the difference, and then I was lucky to win research grants.” And Tara emphasizes, “the leadership of the Faculty and University that supported me in this program was amazing.”

Tara’s research was focused on learning in the workplace. Back then, few researchers in Education were studying working women. Later, Tara’s grants helped her work with garment workers, mostly immigrants, to understand what they were learning.

And she’s won awards for her groundbreaking research. In 2004, the Outstanding Literature in Adult Education (Cyril O. Houle Award), from the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education. And just last year, the Laura Bierema Excellence in Critical HRD Award, from the Academy of Human Resource Development.

Tara is grateful to the U of A because her life’s work was inspired by her opportunity to study here.

Tara wants to give money directly to the Faculty of Education to support students who aspire to complete a PhD. She knows first-hand what generous gifts can do to help build a meaningful life.