The delight in helping students be successful

11 October 2022

Students, faculty and researchers are leading the University of Alberta into an exciting future of creativity and purpose.

But without our alumni and donors – people like Melvina Gowda – the future would not be as bright.

Like many friends of the U of A, she’s helping us tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Melvina’s been a generous supporter for over 20 years. Born in Edmonton, education was a crucial part of her life growing up. Like her two siblings and father, she’s a graduate of the U of A.

After completing her education, Melvina taught math, food and nutrition, anatomy, and record-keeping for many years. “I was involved with students for most of my working career and thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Some of her proudest moments as a teacher were when she saw her students graduate, get jobs and go on to support themselves.

“From time to time, I run into my former students. As you can imagine, it’s gratifying to find out what happened to them.”

Melvina believes in the power of education and helping future students find their purpose in life. And she’s felt what it’s like to need financial aid as a student.

“When I studied for my Master’s Degree in Ithaca, New York, I was on my own. It was hard to make ends meet, and that’s why I’m leaving a gift to the U of A. I want to help students entering their first year of a Master’s program in Human Nutrition. I know that many students go directly from their Undergraduate program, which can be very expensive.”

To help these students, Melvina decided to leave a gift in her Will.

Melvina says that giving through your Will is a personal choice, based on what’s important to each individual. “I worked directly with the U of A to help set my gift up and ensure it goes where I want it. I believe in education, and I’ve experienced the need for funds when I was a student.”

Together, with generous supporters like Melvina, the U of A will build the university of tomorrow for future students, educators and researchers.