What We Do


University Governance

The University Governance Unit is responsible for the effective operation and administration of the University's governance system.

University Governance supports informed decision making by the Board of Governors, General Faculties Council and their committee structures by ensuring that due process has been followed on all items prior to being presented for consideration.

With oversight of the operational aspects of the board, academic and judiciary governance systems, the Governance Team sets in place the highest standards for: the planning and distribution of agendas, writing and distribution of minutes, the dissemination of decisions and follow-up action required, the maintenance of accessible indexes of decisions and the answering of questions from various stakeholders about policy, precedent and process.

University Governance is responsible for the systematic retention of the University's records, the provision of information resources to the University community, and the oversight of the development of systems designed to maintain institutional knowledge and memory on all governance matters.

Inclusivity Across Governance Bodies