7.12 Student Program Monitoring


Conditions of admissions are monitored regularly by the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS). If the conditions are not met by the specified date, the student is not permitted further registrations by GPS. Conditions of admission can include successful completion of a prior degree or successful completion of specified courses.

Academic Standing

Departments are expected to exercise due diligence and monitor the progress of their graduate students regularly. Grades of individual students are monitored and approved by GPS after each term.

For students whose grades or GPAs (or both) do not meet the GPS minimum academic standing requirements, GPS prepares and sends Academic Progress Reports to departments for action.

Academic Progress Reports

The Academic Progress Reports will identify:

  • Blank grades
  • Failing grades
  • Grades of IN (Incomplete)
  • Grades of INF (Incomplete Fail)
  • Sessional GPAs of less than 2.7

The departmental action required:

  • Review the academic record of the student
  • Indicate the recommendations on the Academic Progress Report
  • Return the signed report to GPS by the deadline indicated

GPS reviews all other departmental recommendations and, if approved, updates the student's academic record.

These recommendations and decisions may affect the student's registration in the following Fall/Winter terms (i.e. repeating or substituting a specific course). If necessary, GPS will send a copy of the Academic Progress Report to the student to assist with registration.

The department may choose to recommend termination, also known as a recommendation that the student be required to withdraw. In this case, it should refer to "Recommendation for Termination by a Department" in Section 7.14: Termination of a Student's Program of the Graduate Program Manual. Note that a written recommendation for termination must be sent to an Associate Dean, GPS.

Program Time Limits

GPS monitors individual student time limits. Students whose time limits have expired, and for whom no extension has been approved, are not permitted further registrations until GPS approves an extension.


GPS monitors registration to ensure students have registered in at least the minimum number of course weights (or equivalent) in order to convocate.

Full-time Registration Policy

Any thesis students who began their programs in September 2003 and thereafter are governed by the following full-time registration policy (see section 6.10 of this manual).