7.14 Termination of a Student's Program

Students are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of their registration. They are also responsible for adjustments in registration.

Information on Academic Standing, Academic Probation, and Required to Withdraw can be found in Academic Standing in the Calendar.

If you require further information, please speak with the department graduate advisor or go to the Contact Us page on the GPS website under Graduate Program Services.


Students wishing to withdraw from their program must do so in writing according to the information below.

All departmental requests for termination of a student's program must be made in writing by the Chair or Graduate Coordinator of the department to an Associate Dean of GPS, with a copy to the student.

The written recommendation should give the effective date of the proposed termination and document carefully the reasons for the recommendation. Reference should be made to any previous discussions or correspondence with the student related to the matter. It is expected that the Chair or Graduate Coordinator will have discussed the issue with the student (and with the supervisor, where appropriate) prior to the letter being sent. Departments are encouraged, but not required, to have internal appeal procedures. If the recommendation is upheld, the student's transcript will indicate "Required to Withdraw".

If a student completes a Withdrawal form due to lack of adequate academic progress, this does not preclude a department from recommending the student be required to withdraw.

Cases requiring mediation should be brought first to the Chair and then, if necessary to GPS for resolution.

GPS Responsibilities

In responding to a departmental recommendation for the termination of a student's program, the Associate Dean, GPS will consider such matters as: was the cause sufficient to terminate, was the case properly documented, was due process followed, was adequate warning given, were student's responses fairly considered, were conditions of performance and time lines reasonable, was the Department Chair (or designate) properly involved?

An Associate Dean, GPS will consider the recommendation and normally will hold interviews with the student, supervisor, or other individuals concerned. The formal, written decision of GPS will be sent to the student and copied to the department. A decision of GPS to terminate a program can be appealed by the student using GPS academic appeals procedures (see 9.2 Academic Grievances and Appeals in the Graduate Program Manual).

Termination Made by a Student

Students wishing to terminate their own program of studies are strongly advised to discuss the issue with their supervisor, Graduate Coordinator and, if desired, with an Associate Dean, GPS before terminating their program. There may be alternative actions that are more in the student's interest.

Following this consultation if a student still wishes to withdraw from the program, the student should complete a Withdrawal form indicating on it withdrawal from the entire program. The form should include the effective date of the proposed termination. The transcript will indicate "Voluntarily Withdrew from Program."