9.2 Academic Grievances and Appeals

Student grievances of an academic nature may arise. Graduate students are advised first to approach the instructor or supervisor concerned; in most cases, this individual can provide a satisfactory explanation. If the matter is not resolved, students are advised to see the graduate coordinator, and if necessary, the department chair. (See also Resolving Conflicts in Supervisor-Student Relationships in the Calendar.)

Departments should prepare a set of guidelines for supervisors and students. Avenues for expressing concern by students who feel they are receiving unsatisfactory supervision should be specified.

Students can also access mediation/resolution resources, such as:

GPS Academic Appeals

Students may appeal decisions by the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies that change their academic standing. Appeal situations normally involve a recommendation by a Department to GPS and a subsequent decision by a GPS Associate Dean that students withdraw from the Faculty or from their academic programs.

An informal request to a GPS Associate Dean is the recommended first step. This informal process is meant to precede and to avoid a formal appeal to the FGSR Academic Appeals Committee. For details see the overview of the committee and of appeals procedures, and GPS's Academic Appeal Regulations, both below.

The FGSR Academic Appeals Committee has no jurisdiction over matters such as grades in individual courses, or examination decisions and admission decisions. Consult the University Calendar for complete information.