9.5 Code of Student Behaviour

The University of Alberta's Code of Student Behaviour designates as offences behaviour which could infringe upon the goal of the University to provide a place for freedom to teach, engage in research, create, learn, study, speak, associate, write and publish.

The Code lists wrongdoings by students against people and property that the departments may wish to pursue through the formal discipline system.

Inappropriate behavior and inappropriate use of University property and resources may be punishable under the Code. These include (but are not limited to) disruptions, harassment, discrimination, damage to property, unauthorized entry, unauthorized use of facilities or equipment, misuse of library or computer resources.

Inappropriate academic behavior punishable under the Code includes (but is not limited to) plagiarism, cheating, misuse of confidential materials, misrepresentation of the facts, and research and scholarship misconduct. Inappropriate behavior in professional programs is also covered by the Code.

The Code lists sanctions that may be imposed for Code breaches. These include expulsion, suspension, fine, restitution, conduct probation, written reprimand, exclusion from specific University areas, mark reduction, grade reduction, grades of F/F9, suspension or rescission of degree already awarded.

Departments may obtain information and advice regarding the Code of Student Behavior from the Appeals Coordinator, University Secretariat.

The Code is available at all times via the University Governance website.