9.1 Dispute Resolution Related to Graduate Studies Issues

Anyone involved in a dispute should attempt to resolve the dispute informally by meeting with the parties involved. Attempts to resolve the dispute at this level are strongly recommended. If an issue related to graduate studies cannot be resolved at the department level, it would be appropriate to involve an Associate Dean, Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS), to attempt a resolution. As much as possible, in-house informal resolutions should be sought.

If the maker of the complaint is still not satisfied, there is provision for more formal procedures:

Under Article 27 of the Faculty Agreement, the Association of Academic Staff University of Alberta (AASUA), acting on behalf of a staff member or group of staff members may file a grievance against an administrative official. A grievance in this context is defined as an allegation or complaint that there has been a violation or improper application of the terms of the Staff Agreement.

Under the Code of Student Behavior, a number of offences are listed. Any person, including a chair, graduate coordinator, or member of an examining committee, who believes an offence has been committed may lodge a complaint under the Code about a student's behavior.

Under extraordinary circumstances, an individual person could resort to Article 16 of the Faculty Agreement, keeping in mind that the Vice-President can reject an inappropriate complaint. Under this section of the Agreement, any person can make a written complaint about the conduct of any staff member.