9.9 Practicum Placements, Professional Practice and the Public Interest

The Practicum Intervention Policy deals with issues related to student practicum placements and gives the Deans the authority to protect the public interest by allowing them to vary, withdraw or deny the placement of a student in a practicum. The Dean's authority is balanced by the right of the student to appeal the Dean's decision to the Practice Review Board (PRB). The "Dean" referred to in this policy is the Dean of the Faculty where the student receives supervision and not the Dean, Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS).

Instances under which a Dean or supervisor may seek to vary, withdraw or deny a practicum placement may include but are not limited to circumstances or behaviour such as mental illness, infection by blood borne or other pathogens, and/or unprofessional, incompetent or unsafe practice.

For more information, please review the full Practicum Intervention Policy, available on the University Governance website under "Student Appeals".