New Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation Leadership Team

The Faculty welcomes four members to the Leadership Team

26 June 2019

July 1 will see some new faces amongst the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation leadership team. Professors Tanya Berry and Jay Scherer will be joining the ranks as Associate Dean of Research and Interim Associate Dean of Graduate, respectively. Professor Nick Holt will be moving into the role of Vice-Dean, and Faculty Lecturer Angela Bayduza removes the "Interim" from her title as Associate Dean of Undergraduate.

"I am pleased to have the 'transitional' leadership team in place that will bridge the handover to the new Dean in July of next year. I am very happy that our Faculty members take on these important positions, and look forward to working with them over the next year," says Dean Kerry Mummery.

Angela Bayduza: Faculty lecturer Angela Bayduza has spent the past year as the Interim Associate Dean of Undergraduate. After the one year in the position, and having experienced one academic cycle of the role, Angela now looks forward to working more deeply to evolve the Undergraduate Program, modernize the Student Service Office processes, and collaborate with Undergraduate Students, Instructors, and Student Service Office staff to continue the KSR tradition of providing the highest quality undergraduate experience possible.

Tanya Berry: Health psychology and behavioural medicine professor and researcher, Tanya Berry, joins the leadership team in her first-ever KSR administrative position. Taking on the role of Associate Dean of Research, Berry-who is also a Tier II Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity Promotion-is looking forward to learning more about the diverse research taking place within KSR and the different ways the research is conducted.

Nick Holt: After spending three years as the Associate Dean of Research, Nick Holt moves into the role of Vice-Dean. Holt, whose research and teachings encompass the area of coaching and sport psychology, looks forward to leading KSR academic programs and working collaboratively with the leadership team to support an outstanding teaching and research environment that embodies the University of Alberta's ethos, For the Public Good.

Jay Scherer: In his first KSR administrative appointment, sport sociology professor and researcher Jay Scherer will fill the role of Interim Associate Dean on Graduate for the next year. During his year on the leadership team, Scherer looks forward to working closely with the students and the Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation Graduate Student Society, to provide academic opportunities and success for all KSR graduate students.

Leaving the Faculty leadership team is John Spence, who has served as the Vice-Dean from July 1, 2015* to June 30, 2019. John also held the Associate Dean of Research position for five years from January 1, 2010 to June 30, 2015

"I will once again have to say thanks to John Spence for his many years of leadership contributions to the Faculty. His leadership has been a major part of positioning the Faculty nationally and internationally," adds Mummery.

Normand Boulé will be taking a year's sabbatical from his position as Associate Dean of Graduate, returning in July 2020.

*John served as the interim Vice-Dean from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016 before taking on the permanent Vice-Dean title on July 1, 2016.