Laddering of Freestanding Graduate Certificates into a Course-based Master's Degree

Laddering of freestanding graduate level certificates into a master's degree means that a student who holds specific certificates may be able to use the courses from the certificate to receive advanced standing in a course-based master's degree.

The program will specify the certificates that may ladder into a master's degree. Completion of a certificate does not guarantee admission to a master's program. Certificates may be used for both the basis of admission and laddered into the course-based master's degree.

Once admitted to the master's program, the graduate courses taken in the certificates may be recognized as advanced standing toward the master's degree. To be incorporated into a master's degree the student must indicate the request at the time of application to the master's program. Except where otherwise specified by a program, courses must be taken within the five years prior to admission to the master's program. Certificates from other institutions may also be eligible for laddering providing they do not exceed ★9 in credits or, for course-based masters programs with more than ★24 required credits, 1/3 of the total credit weight of the program in combination with any individual transfer-credits from other institutions. In exceptional circumstances and with the explicit prior approval of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, up to ½ of the total units of course weight for the program may be met through laddering of certificates from other institutions in combination with transfer-credits from other institutions.

Where presenting graded-courses, the student must have obtained individual grades in these courses that are sufficient for credit in the master's program and meet other quality assurance considerations of the master's program outlined in the program-specific section of the calendar at the time of admission.

To receive the master's degree, the student must complete the University's Ethics and Professional Development requirements as well as any remaining master's program requirements including the master's capping exercise. Other master's requirements may be waived if there is an explicit exemption in the department's section in the calendar for the master's program.

The student will pay tuition and associated fees for the time registered in the master's program.

For additional information on how you can ladder either the Sport and Recreation Management Graduate Certificate or the Indigenous Sport and Recreation Graduate Certificate into a Master of Arts degree with the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation please contact Jill Cameron, Manager, International and Community Engagement at 780.492.8369 or by email at