Research Certificate in Kinesiology

Research Certificate in Kinesiology
The Research Certificate in Kinesiology provides students in the BSc Kin or BKin degree programs an opportunity to build unique expertise in research through their undergraduate program. Normally, a student will be able to fulfill the requirements for this certificate as part of their degree program although some students may need to complete more than the minimum number of credits required in order to qualify for both the degree and the certificate.

Students wishing to pursue the Research Certificate in Kinesiology can complete an application form at the Undergraduate Student Services Office in the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation, and then completing the following requirements:

  1. 9 credits (*9) from a list of approved courses that include instruction and experience in research methods, data collection, data handling and analysis, interpretation, and/or practical skills. The current list of approved courses is available from the Faculty of KSR Student Services Office. A maximum of 6 credits (*6) may be selected from KIN 398 (*3), KIN 399 (*6), KIN 498 (*3), or KRLS 495 (*3).
  2. KIN 493 (*15) Professional Practicum focused on research completed under the supervision of a University of Alberta academic faculty member or an approved research affiliate.
  3. Research presentation at a conference either on or off campus.

Students are encouraged to apply by the third year of their program to ensure ample time to complete the required components, however they may do so in any year of their program provided the certificate requirements are completed before their deadline to apply for convocation.