Dr. Maureen Engel is a Faculty Service Officer in the department of English and Film Studies and the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies (OIS). Her research interests include spatial humanities; deep mapping; networked culture; social media; augmented reality and locative media; cultural studies; queers studies; feminism.

2012 Research Cluster Grant

Edmonton Pipelines: Maps and Narratives for Dense Urban Spaces

Edmonton Pipelines is a collection of digital maps and literary provocations by four collaborators: Heather Zwicker, Daniel Laforest, Maureen Engel and Russell Cobb. We use the site-appropriate term “pipelines” (Edmonton is an oil city) to stand for methods of channeling understanding through dense city space. We operate as a collaboratory, and several distinct projects are germinating under the Pipelines rubric -- some are high-tech, some are low-tech; some are primarily cartographic, some are primarily narrative; some deal with the city centre, some with the suburbs. What each pipeline shares, however, is a desire to construct interactive digital frameworks that contextualize and historicize the “space” of Edmonton, creating interwoven visual, cartographic, and narrative renderings of our complex urban landscape. Find us at edmontonpipelines.org.


Keywords: digital arts, mapping, local history, crowdsourcing, collaborator


  • Arts: MLCS, English & Film Studies, Humanities Computing