Dr. Hsu is a new professor to the University of Alberta, and resides in the Political Science department. She has her PhD and MA from Cambridge University. Her research interests include civil society and non-governmental organizations, corporatism and developmental state, labor and migration, and state-society relationships. Her geographic areas of interests are China and East Asia.

Fall 2012 Interdisciplinary Course Seminar Grant, Cycle One

China in the World: Society and Politics

In the advent of China's potential rise as a world power, the nation's domestic and foreign policy decisions are increasingly having a global impact. This course will examine China's ascent within the framework of contemporary social, political and economic developments.

The ascendancy of China in the global arena leads us to many questions including: What is the meaning of China's place on the world stage and how it is constructed? What are the social, political and economic forces driving China's ascendancy? The course will cover some of the key events that have shaped China since 1949, including the tensions of economic reform and its impact on current state-society relations. The two underlying working theses throughout the course is to ascertain whether or not China's development efforts will ultimately lead to 1) political reforms and, 2) a global power that challenges and supplants existing stakeholders.