Marcia Ostashewski is a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow and an ethnomusicologist investigating intersections of music and dance with race and ethnicity, gender, class and region, with a specific focus on Ukrainian dance and culture in Cape Breton and Aboriginal/Ukrainian encounters and relations on the prairies of Canada. Her work engenders new perspectives about ethnic and group identities with regard to constructions of identity, nationhood and community—and provides new opportunities for scholarly collaboration, intercultural relations and teaching/learning together with communities. Her project is working in the Place, Belonging, and Otherness, and Culture, Media, Technology Research Themes.


Ukrainian music, dance and culture in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Faculty of Arts, Department of Music

This project - a model of collaborative research - examines intangible heritage in Cape Breton society and culture as it relates to the island's Ukrainian community. Drawn to Cape Breton's mines and mills during the 19th and early 20th centuries, Cape Breton's Ukrainians have been overshadowed by the island's Scottish heritage. Program deliverables (publications, presentations, a 3-dimensional interactive multimedia museum exhibit and an interactive virtual exhibit including educational resources) attend to KIAS research themes of Place, Belonging and Otherness, and Culture, Media, Technology to address gaps in academic literature and public discourse by mobilizing research that explores Cape Breton's Ukrainian antecedents beyond its more familiar Scottish and Acadian characteristics. The many facets of this program engage broad audiences, integrating interactive multimedia resources and learning opportunities for technology-enriched learning about the significant contribution of Ukrainian immigrants and their descendants to the rich social and cultural landscape of Cape Breton Island and beyond.


Kule Dialogue, October 3, 2012