Direct Democracy and Active Citizenship

The “Direct Democracy and Active Citizenship” web initiative is the product of a collaborative effort by Dr. Srdja Pavlovic (Department of History and Classics, University of Alberta), Dr. Danijela Majstorovic (University of Alberta/University of Banjaluka, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Dr. Marko Zivkovic (Department of Anthropology, University of Alberta) and Zoran Vuckovac (University of Alberta/University of Banjaluka). This Kule Research Team project is a work in progress and marks the initial step in a broader multi-year research program encouraging critical discussion and analysis of contemporary social movements in Europe and beyond, focusing on issues such as workers’ rights, social justice, privatizations, redistribution of wealth, critique of post-socialism and neoliberalism, equality politics and the commons, among others. Social unrest and political protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2014 had generated a considerable interest among international scholars. Building on such interests the authors of this project draw parallels between the causes of the unrest in the Balkans, South-East Europe, and beyond (Slovenia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Egypt). The purpose of this website is to connect scholars, artists, poets, writers, activists across the globe to participate in information and experience sharing about different responses to the systemic corruption, challenges of Europeanization, and the perceived crisis of neoliberalism.

Photo credit: Danijela Majstorovic