Dr. Jan Selman is a Professor in the department of Drama. She directs contemporary and original theatrical work. Dr Selman is also a dramaturge and director of new theatre and performance, working with playwrights and theatre teams. She specializes in participatory and community-based theatre, as a facilitator and director, and publishes based on this long standing practice.

2012 Research Cluster Grant

Old Stories in New Ways
Creating, Co-Creating and Re-Creating Old Stories in New Ways for an Emerging World. Canadian and East African artists and researchers will work collaboratively to collect and adapt stories, and create interdisciplinary performance that is also socially meaningful in contemporary East African contexts. This foundation project will forge strong partnerships, develop collaborative ways of working, source old, possibly nearly lost stories and adapt some of them with and for contemporary audiences. Grappling with the challenges of intercultural creation and the tendency for “meaningful art” and “applied theatre” to miss some of the potential powers of performance, stories of cultural significance will be adapted to create contemporary, resonant and culturally grounded story performances.

Keywords: Theatre performance, intercultural, international, interdisciplinary, story adaptation, participatory creation


  • Arts: Art & Design, Drama, Political Science
  • Aga Khan University
  • Community: Tololwa Mollel, Dramatist