Medical Genetics

The University of Alberta is an accredited training site for the Canadian College of Medical Geneticists (CCMG), offering fellowships for physicians and lab scientists in the laboratory specialties of Laboratory Biochemical Genetics and Genetic and Genomic Diagnostics (GGD). Upon completion of training, fellows are eligible to challenge their CCMG specialty exams.

Laboratory Biochemical Genetics

This is a 2-year training program with the purpose of developing competency in biochemical genetic testing for the diagnosis and management of individuals of all ages with inherited metabolic disease and the management of a biochemical genetics laboratory. Applicants to this program must have a PhD in a relevant basic science discipline (e.g., biochemistry, chemistry or human genetics), training as a Clinical Chemist/Biochemist (FCACB qualified or Board eligible) or an MD with a specialty in Medical Biochemistry (FRCPC qualified or Board eligible).

Genetic and Genomic Diagnostics

This is a 2-year joint molecular and cytogenetics training program with the purpose of developing competency in the application of genomic testing for the diagnosis of genetic disorders and the management of a genomic diagnostics laboratory. Applicants to this training program must have a PhD in a science discipline with strong genetics content or an MD degree with a Genetics or Laboratory Medicine background (such as Pathology or Clinical Biochemistry).

Complete descriptions of the current training program guidelines, requirements, program directors and application deadlines may be found on the CCMG website.

Application Information

Applications should include:

  1. A personal statement (a.k.a. letter of interest) that identifies factors that make you a strong candidate for consideration by our committee.
  2. A current CV highlighting training, degrees, research history and publications.
  3. A reference list of at least three individuals.

Additional information may be requested by the committee after the initial review.

Download Application Form