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Are you a graduate student, law student or post-doc keen to develop your leadership capacity?

Whether you are looking for an immersive leadership development experience, a paid Teaching Assistantship, or just want to work on a specific leadership skill, PLLC offers programs to meet your needs. Our Graduate Leadership Development and Teaching Fellow Program provide opportunities to develop leadership skills in an interdisciplinary environment through experiential learning. Find out which graduate program fits your leadership goals

Now accepting applications to the Dive stream! Choose this stream if you want to focus on leadership challenges specific to you and develop your problem-solving skills.

What does it take to lead?

Foundations of Leadership (INT D 301) covers the theory and practice of leadership through case studies, innovative assignments and experiential activities. Develop your leadership skills, analyze your personal leadership challenges and explore pressing issues while working with interdisciplinary students from across campus.

Registration opens on Beartracks later this summer. INT D 301 will be offered in both Fall and Winter. Full information on how undergraduate students can get involved is available on our undergraduate programming page.

Peter Lougheed Leadership College Scholars complete a two-year, embedded Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies, which offers exciting opportunities to work in team environments and grow as an individual:


  • Stretch Experience: a 200-hour individual project that comes with $5,000 in funding and provides Scholars with practical, real-world experience.

  • Mentorship Program: connects Scholars to a team of Edmonton's best and brightest leaders, who are ready to offer coaching and guidance to the next generation.

  • Forum-based Learning: each Scholar is assigned to a diverse, interdisciplinary group for the duration of the program, working as a team to tackle complex problems in their courses.

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  • Undergraduate Programming
    • Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies: an embedded academic program
    • Foundations of Leadership: a class open to students interested in leadership
  • Graduate Programming
    • Teaching Fellow Graduate Program: a Teaching Assistantship with professional development
    • Graduate Leadership Development: opportunities for graduate students and post-docs to develop their leadership skills