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Peter Lougheed Leadership College Scholars complete a two-year, embedded Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies, which offers exciting opportunities to work in team environments and grow as an individual:


  • Stretch Experience: a 200-hour individual project that comes with $5,000 in funding and provides Scholars with practical, real-world experience.

  • Mentorship Program: connects Scholars to a team of Edmonton's best and brightest leaders, who are ready to offer coaching and guidance to the next generation.

  • Forum-based Learning: each Scholar is assigned to a diverse, interdisciplinary group for the duration of the program, working as a team to tackle complex problems in their courses.

  • Co-curricular Workshops: professional development sessions that help Scholars become life-ready by easing the transition between school and work.


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Are you a UAlberta undergrad interested in developing your leadership skills?


  • Are you enrolled in full-time undergraduate studies with at least two years remaining in their undergraduate education (including after degrees and professional programs)?

  • Are you a student who has completed 45-84 credits?

  • Are you a student with satisfactory academic standing?

The deadline to apply to our 2018-2020 cohort is August 17, 2018.

Apply Now

PLLC is currently accepting nominations for the 2018-2020 cohort of Scholars.

Eligible students are enrolled in full-time undergraduate studies at the University of Alberta with at least two years remaining in their undergraduate education (including after degrees). Please nominate those students you know who possess the following traits:  

  • Strong oral and written communication skills

  • Ability and willingness to work with others

  • Embraces diverse backgrounds, opinions and beliefs

  • Self-aware and accountable

  • Engaged and passionate


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Admissions & Eligibility

PLLC’s two-year embedded certificate combines academic and experiential learning. This interdisciplinary program includes:


  • Four 3-credit courses

    • Foundations of Leadership (INT D 301)

    • Topics in Leadership (INT D 306)

    • Capstone Leadership Project (INT D 406)

    • Workshops in Leadership (INT D 407)

  • Stretch Experience

    • A 200-hour, self-directed leadership project

  • Mentorship program with professionals from diverse sectors

  • Workshops and networking events


Which UAlberta students are eligible?

  • Students enrolled in an undergraduate degree

  • Students who have completed 45-84 credits

  • Students with satisfactory academic standing


The deadline to apply to our 2018-2020 cohort is August 17, 2018.


What is PLLC all about?

Introducing our next Principal, Dr. Lois Harder

Our Founding Principal, Kim Campbell, successfully made donors' and supporters' dreams of PLLC a reality. Since 2014, she has worked to establish the College and inspire our students, but the 2017-18 academic year will be her last with PLLC.

Taking the torch from Principal Campbell is Dr. Lois Harder, chair and professor of Political Science. Read President Turpin's announcement on the Quad and get to know Dr. Harder on Folio.