NS 550 Research Practicum in Native Studies

Students must undertake a 30-hour research project in consultation with an Indigenous organization or community chosen in coordination with the Practicum Coordinator. Attendance at a bi-weekly seminar is required. E-discussions on eClass are available on the alternative weeks to facilitate discussion on practicum placements. NS 550 students have a selection of readings related to Native Studies research. This course is taught in a seminar format to enhance the potential for dialogue and analysis of controversial topics.

Community Service Learning

There is a thirty hour community service learning (CSL)* component of the course to enhance the interplay of the theory and actual practice of Native Studies research.

Course Objectives

  • Expand and integrate the knowledge, understanding and analysis of Indigenous Studies research in relation to individuals, communities, and governing structures.
  • Reflect on the ideals and best practices of Indigenous Studies research and creatively relate this theory with the realities of practice and concrete situations.
  • Experience how community based research works in practice through a Community Service Learning experience for an Indigenous organization or department.
  • Reflect on the theory and practice of Native Studies research as it also relates to students' own MA thesis research.