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Offered Spring and Fall 2021:

NS 115: Indigenous Peoples and Technoscience


This course introduces students to the intricate connections between science and technology fields, broader dynamics of colonialism, and increasing demands for Indigenous governance of science and technology. The course is structured by centering Indigenous peoples’ relationships to science and technology fields as “objects/subjects,” “collaborators,” and “scientists.”  

Instructors: Kim TallBear, Jessica Kolopenuk

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To register for NS 115 and NS 161, please follow these instructions based on your learning pathway:
  1. Visiting Students
    Undergraduate students from another institution who wish to take the course for credit (3 credit programming) should contact

  2. Open Studies
    Learners who are not currently registered in a university or college program and wish to take the course for credit (3 credit programming),
    apply for Open Studies by August 25 for Fall.

  3. Auditors
    Those who wish to attend classes purely on an informational basis (no credit) can apply to audit courses by September 16-22 for Fall. Fill out the application form (NS 161 or NS 115), sign, and submit to

  4. U of A Students
    Current University of Alberta students can register on

Offered Fall 2021:

NS 161: Countering Stereotypes of Indigenous Peoples


This course pulls the rug out from underneath settler-based constructions of Indigeneity. Taking up the most prevalent stereotypes of Indigenous people, students learn to unpack and challenge the narratives that both skew the lived experience of Indigenous peoples and allow the replication of stereotypes that reinforce colonial relationships.

Instructors: Tasha Hubbard, Tracy Bear, Sara Howdle and Molly Swain.