Copying and Printing

How do I print from campus computers?

Use your ONEcard to print, copy, or scan on University computers located in computer labs and libraries.

  1. Select “PRINT” on your desired job
  2. Wait for the pop up client to appear
  3. Enter your CCID and password
  4. Pick up your printing from any of our printing locations.
Login with your CCID window

Where are the printers located?

For a map of printer locations, visit this map.

What does printing and photocopying cost?

  • $0.12 per side for black and white
  • $0.35 per side for colour
  • There is no fee to scan

Deposits to your ONEcard can be made at

How do I print in colour?

All printers are set to print in black and white by default—this will avoid any overcharge for pages with only the slightest bit of colour. But don't worry! You can manually change to colour printing by following these steps.

  1. Select Print and then Print using system dialog... (Ctrl+Shift+P)
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Under Printing Options, where it says Xerox Black and White, choose Off (Use Document Colour) and click OK.

How do I print from my laptop or tablet?

Print from your laptop or tablet using Google Cloud Print.

What types of documents are compatible with Google Cloud Print?

You can print any of the Google Applications including: Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, and Sites as well as any PDF. You can also print documents from within any UAlberta Google app, (e.g. Google Mail) and PDF documents from eClass as well as journal articles and other UAlberta Library eResources.

How do I print my Google jobs (or PDFs) from my own device?

You can use ONEcard Cloud Print to print from any computers with Google Chrome installed.

  1. From Chrome login to your UAlberta account
  2. Open a Google doc (or a PDF) and select File > Print
  3. Change the destination to ONEcardCloudPrint and proceed.
    NOTE: You will NOT need to repeat your authentication. Selecting “Print: will be enough to send the job to your secure queue.
  4. Pick up your print job at any campus printer by swiping or tapping your ONEcard.
cloud print instructions

How can I print other types of documents?


  • Convert your document to a PDF or a Google file using Google Cloud Print.
  • Use a Google Cloud Print Connector installed on your computer.

How do I convert my document to a PDF or Google file?

Use Google Cloud Print to print documents other than Google files and PDFs directly from your computer

  1. Open Cloud Printers ( and Select Upload file to print
  2. Select the document with a compatible format (eg. PDF) from your computer
  3. Choose to send the document to ONEcardCloudPrint
  4. Select print

How do I Install a Cloud Print Connector on my laptop?

If you want to print from applications other than Chrome, install ONEcardCloudPrint as a local printer. This will allow you to print from a variety of applications outside of Chrome. Once installed, you will see the ONEcardCloudPrint driver on your laptop.

Please refer to this link for Google Cloud Print Connector for Windows

Please refer to this link for Google Cloud Print Connector for MacOS

Can I scan documents?

Yes! Choose EMAIL on the printer menu to scan directly to your University of Alberta email account.

Do I need to pick up my print job immediately?

No. Jobs are securely held for 4 hours and can be retrieved at the printer when you present your ONEcard.

Printer or Copier problems?

If you are experiencing issues with the printer client or the Xerox printer please contact the IST Helpdesk at or 780-492-9400.

If you believe you should be eligible for a refund, fill out the refund request form (login with CCID required).

Have more questions about campus printing? Check our answers to FAQs