Joint industry-academic geophysics convention honours UAlberta grad student research

Students in the University of Alberta?s graduate program in geophysics studies brought home four awards from this year?s GeoConvention in Calgary, Alberta.

Suzette Chan - 18 September 2014

(Edmonton) Students in the University of Alberta's graduate program in geophysics studies brought home four awards from this year's GeoConvention in Calgary, Alberta.

GeoConvention is a meeting of academics and industry professionals who are leading the way to more efficient ways to explore, manage and monitor reservoirs of oil and gas.

The award-winning presentations and posters also reflect diversity in how physics knowledge can be applied. Two of the awards went to presentations based on field work, while the other two recognized signal analysis, HPC and imaging work.

Best Student Geophysics Poster
"Interferometric assessment of clamping quality of borehole geophones," by Yoones Vaezi and Mirko van der Baan

Best Student Integrated Poster
"Elastic Properties and Mechanical Stratigraphy in a Potential Geothermal Reservoir in the MH-2B Borehole Near Mountain Home, Idaho, U.S.," by James A. Kessler, Xiwei Chen and Douglas R. Schmitt

Best Student Geophysical Oral Presentation
"Model parametrization strategies for Newton-based acoustic full waveform inversion," by Amsalu Anagaw

Best Geophysics Poster
"Reverse time migration of prestack elastic data," by Robert Ferner and Mauricio Sacchi

Geophysics professor Mauricio Sacchi, who is also the Chair of the Department of Physics, is pleased with students' success at meetings that include the educational, research and industry sectors.

Sacchi says, "Their success of our students at gatherings like this reflects our students' ability to take fundamental physics, mathematics and earth science concepts and apply them to leading edge industrial problems."