Selections and Reviews

The University of Alberta initiates comprehensive searches to fill senior roles that include College Deans and Vice-Provosts and Faculty Deans. In the event the incumbent in a senior leadership position wishes to be considered for reappointment, a review will be initiated where applicable. 

The selection and reappointment of these positions follow University policies and procedures.

The purpose of these procedures include:

  • provide a general outline of the selection process, including how equity, diversity, and inclusivity best practices are employed 
  • describe the composition of the Selection/Review Committee, and the requirements for attendance and quorum 
  • set out the Committee’s general procedures 
  • outline measures to identify and manage conflict of interest 
  • describe the appointment/reappointment process.

The goal is to put forward the name of the best qualified candidate for consideration of the President and ultimately the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors will deliver the candidate with a strong mandate.