Strategic Plans and Reports

The Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) spearheads the development of various institutional plans and reports.

For the Public Good

Developed by the U of A community, the institutional strategic plan For the Public Good is meant to empower and enable each member of the University of Alberta to build, experience, excel, engage, and sustain. Learn more about the plan and its progress.

Comprehensive Institutional Plan

Each year, the University prepares a Comprehensive Institutional Plan (CIP) for submission to the Government of Alberta. This three-year document is a valuable information source and communication tool that helps demonstrate alignment between institutional and government priorities.

EDI Plan

The University of Alberta EDI Scoping Group, many faculty members, staff, students, EDI Scholars, and advocates from across the university have developed and launched our new EDI Strategic Plan.

International Strategic Plan

The International Strategic Plan sets out our vision and priorities as a global university. Aligned with For the Public Good and building on our many international achievements the plan sets forth our goals and strategic areas of focus.

Quality Assurance Reports

The Campus Alberta Quality Council regularly audits the University to ensure that suitable quality assurance mechanisms are in place, which allow for meaningful self-study and which demonstrate the comparative quality of its program offerings.

Instructor Needs for Remote Learning

Further to the survey conducted on Instructor needs for Remote Learning, we wanted to share the top needs regarding remote instruction expressed by the respondents, the steps being undertaken to address them and where resources are available now.