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International Day of Women and Girls in Science


3 questions about winter biking answered


Seniors, safety, and the pandemic

Illustration of thought bubbles and speaking bubbles.

How to talk about substance use

Washing hands at a kitchen sink

Tips for proper handwashing


Tips to avoid slipping and falling in winter conditions

3 steps to prevent a fall

3 steps to prevent a fall

Aging in place

How to help seniors age in place

Look up and other safety tips for pedestrians

Look up and other safety tips for pedestrians

Man laying on couch in pain and sick.

How to prevent food poisoning

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The facts about the flu

Photo of woman smoking cannabis.

How to reduce the risks if you choose cannabis

The flu shot

The flu shot

People of all sizes at a beach standing in the water in swimsuits.

Are you guilty of obesity shaming?

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Be travel smart: How to safeguard against malaria

Fires burning in Fort McMurray while cars try to evacuate.

What to do in an emergency situation

Child and father roller blading with protective gear

5 myths about helmet use

Photo of person vaping

The new dangers of tobacco

Graphic of table set for the holidays in the winter

Healthy holiday eating tips

Canadian flag mixed with cannabis leaf

Debunking myths about cannabis legalization

Blurry photo of people walking outside

Diabetes: Are you at risk?

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Cannabis use in Canada | By the numbers

Person riding an all terrain vehicle (ATV) outdoors

Seven ATV safety tips for a safe ride

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Farm injury in Canada

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Maternal health