How to Apply

1. Find a supervising research professor(s) in your area of interest.

It is necessary for applicants to have a supervisor willing to take you on as an MSc or a PhD student. There will be no exception. Please refer to our listings for our faculty and adjunct members, and contact them via e-mail to determine if they will consider accepting you as a graduate student while offering financial assistance.

2. Determine that you satisfy the necessary admission requirements.

The University has minimum entrance requirements, which may vary between faculty or department. After you have a confirmed potential supervisor, we will evaluate internally based on your most recent transcripts. Please send electronic copies to for initial evaluation. Please note that meeting the requirement is not a guarantee of a successful application as there are many potential applicants.

International students must also meet minimum English-language requirements. The Department of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging will follow the minimum guidelines of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR).

3. Submit a formal application and pay the $135 non-refundable application fee.

If you have a potential professor/supervisor willing to accept you as a graduate student, and you meet our academic & language requirements, then, under the invitation of the graduate program administrator, proceed to the submission of a formal application online through the FGSR application portal

4. Submit supporting documents electronically.

Supporting documents may include transcripts, degree certificates, letters of reference, curriculum vitae (CV), statement of intent, and English-language examination results.

Regarding transcripts, it is preferred to have them in both the originating language as well as English along with a breakdown of grades by semester. The transcripts must be officially stamped by the issuing university.

5. Final decision.

Once completed the student's file will undergo departmental review and recommendation to the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research for their approval, and the student will be notified when accepted for admission.