Diagnostic Radiology Resident Profiles

We want to introduce you to the current residents of the Diagnostic Radiology residency program.


Josh is a PGY-1 Radiology resident who grew up in Kamloops BC and completed his undergraduate studies at UBC Vancouver before moving to Edmonton for medical school. Josh loves to spend his spare time golfing, working out, trying new restaurants, watching Broadway musicals, and napping with his cat Brian. During his time off he also enjoys traveling with his fiancé. Contact him to chat about life in Edmonton or the radiology program!

Email: jbray@ualberta.ca 


Jonathan is a PGY1, soon to be PGY2, Nuc Med/Radiology resident at the UofA. He was born in the small south pacific nation of Vanuatu (check out Survivor season 9) and moved to Calgary when he was 6 years old. Two of his four kids were born during medical school which he just barely completed here in Edmonton. Jonathan enjoys hanging out with his kids and wife on their small acreage outside of Edmonton. He enjoys being outdoors and claims to be a surfer but still has a hard time standing up on the board. Send him an email if you have any questions about radiology residency or having a family during residency.





Simon is a PGY1 Nuclear Medicine/Radiology resident at the UofA. He completed his undergrad at UBC in Vancouver prior to moving to Edmonton for graduate & medical school. Simon enjoys cross-country skiing, running in the river valley and hiking in the mountains.  Send him an email if you have any questions about radiology or nuclear medicine residency. 



Owen is a PGY-1 Radiology resident. He grew up near Lethbridge, Alberta in the town of Raymond. He completed undergraduate training down in Idaho and happily made his way back to Alberta for medical school at the U of A. Owen loves spending any time he has hanging out with his wife and their two young kids.  Whenever it is warm enough you can find them biking in the river valley or trying to find the best parks in the city. He also loves basketball, running, hiking, and travelling. Reach out with any questions about the residency program, or family life in Edmonton.

Email: osieben@ualberta.ca 


Lance is a first-year radiology resident. He grew up in the quiet town of Millet, Alberta and completed all of his training at the UofA. Before medical school, he spent many years living in Japan as a kindergarten and elementary school teacher and exploring the countryside by bike. These days when there’s time, he hones his skills in woodworking, DIY, drawing, writing, cooking, making original board games-- and countless other hobbies.Please feel free to contact him with any questions you might have regarding UofA, the city of Edmonton, Radiology in general, CaRMS specifically… or the mysteries that lie beyond the walls of the hospital.
Email: ltaylor1@ualberta.ca 



Hey! I’m Annie, one of PGY-1 Radiology Residents. Before medicine I trained and worked as a sonographer - ask me if I’m proficient at POCUS… :)
I completed my medical school training at the University of Toronto and moved back to Edmonton for residency. I’m very happy to be back in Alberta but still fly back to Toronto because they have better snacks. I spend my non-med time running, gymming, brunching, reading, drawing, getting tattoos, and taking care of my fancy cats (but I definitely also spend time rotting and watching Netflix). Get in touch with me if any of the above lands with you… or to hear my super embarrassing story about my first CAIR meeting.

Email: kbrewert@ualberta.ca 


Christina is a PGY2 Radiology resident from Québec. She is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces and returned to training after working as a general practitioner on several military bases across Canada. She enjoys running, basketball and spending time with her children.
Feel free to email her if you have any questions!


Medical School: Dalhousie University
Hobbies: running, movies, travel, tech

Email: nurmsoo@ualberta.ca 


Ryan is a PGY2 in radiology. He was born in Malaysia, but Edmonton has been his home since the age of 2. He did an undergraduate and graduate degree in engineering. He enjoys powerlifting, playing music, as well as a wide variety of sports. Feel free to reach out for restaurants suggestions, radiology inquiries, or questions about living in Edmonton. 

Email: rchee@ualberta.ca 


Evan is a second-year radiology resident. He was born and raised in Edmonton, completed undergrad at the U of A, and medical school at the University of Calgary. If he isn’t spending time with his wife and dog, you can find him playing rugby or in the kitchen cooking. He also is always keen to watch whatever sports are on. Send him an email if you have any questions about Edmonton, or need a restaurant recommendation!

Email: eallarie@ualberta.ca 


Ryan is a PGY2 Radiology resident. He is originally from the small town of Bonnyville, Alberta but has completed all his training at the U of A and has called Edmonton home since 2013.
In his spare time, Ryan enjoys spending time with friends and family, getting outside for cycling, running, hiking, golf and cross-country skiing. He is an avid sports fan and spends way too much time following his fantasy football teams. Feel free to reach out with questions about the program, what it's like living in Edmonton, or where the best place is for a coffee!

Email: spychka@ualberta.ca


Brendan is one of the PGY2 Radiology residents. He is a born and raised Edmontonian and Oilers fan. When he is not golfing he enjoys biking, water skiing at Pigeon Lake, snow skiing, travelling, and anything else that gets him out of the house. Contact him to learn more about the City of Champions or why you should choose Radiology as a specialty.

Email: bckelly@ualberta.ca 


Karl is one of the PGY2 Combined Radiology and Nuclear Medicine residents. Before med school he worked as an archaeologist and anatomist. He is a lifelong Edmontonian and loves checking out new local restaurants and pubs. On the weekends you’ll usually find him on a patio somewhere, or if he's lucky he'll be out skiing or camping. Contact me if you're interested in Nuc Med (or anything else of the above)!

Email: kberendt@ualberta.ca


Kamal is a PGY-4 resident who is born and raised in Edmonton, where he has also completed all of his post-secondary education, and has no intention of leaving! He lives with his wife and four boys. He is the CAR RFS Sr. Rep, and is one of the Junior Representatives on the RPC.
Outside of family time, he actively manages a team of professional basketball and football players - in his fantasy league, of course.
Feel free to reach out if you would like to chat about the UofA’s Radiology Program, having a family in residency, living in Edmonton, or the Los Angeles Lakers!

E: kfarhat@ualberta.ca 


Zac is a PGY-4 in the combined Nuclear Medicine/Diagnostic Imaging from Saint John, New Brunswick. Zac completed all of his training in New Brunswick before coming to the UofA for residency. When he’s not at the hospital, Zac is usually on his computer, either online gaming or writing cheesy sci-fi. If you have any questions about the move to Edmonton from away or anything else about the residency, feel free to shoot an email to zstanton@ualberta.ca 


Erin is a PGY3 resident who has moved back home to Edmonton after attending medical school at Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. She enjoys many COVID friendly activities like cross country skiing with her husband and 1-year old daughter, growing too many plants in her living room, and knitting sweaters for her dog.

Email Erin if you have any questions about residency, moving from Ontario, or anything else at emdocker@ualberta.ca 



Ali grew up in Calgary, moved to Edmonton for medical school and liked it so much, that he decided to stay here for residency! He loves to make a mess in the kitchen trying new recipes, golf and ski, and is a huge Calgary Flames fan. He has sported a moustache for the past 4 years, even rocked it during his wedding, despite his wife’s disapproval.
Send him an email to chat about the first few years of radiology and to learn more about outdoor sports and recreational activities in Edmonton!
E: apoonja@ualberta.ca 


Vedur is another lifetime local, completing all of his undergraduate education in Edmonton, AB. Hit him up for all the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the city. He’s also the current head of the Social Committee.
He loves playing sports including tennis, badminton, snowboarding and downhill mountain biking. In his spare time he wrenches on his project car. On the weekends, he likes to watch F1. Hit him up for all the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the city.
E: vedur@ualberta.ca 


David is a PGY3 Nuclear Medicine/Diagnostic Imaging resident originally from Saint John, New Brunswick. He completed his medical school training at the University of Ottawa, and has continued to move further west to Edmonton. In his time away from the hospital he enjoy playing sports such as hockey and is excited to get out skiing in some real mountains. He is another great contact for people with questions regarding the cross country move. deharley@ualberta.ca 


Robyn (PGY-3 Nuclear Medicine) left the ocean views of Newfoundland for Edmonton’s river valley and weekends in the mountains. In her spare time she has been getting to know the city’s local restaurants and trying out new hobbies - including a weekly dance class. She is happy to answer any questions about moving across the country, PGY-1 year or anything else!
E: rstcroix@ualberta.ca 


Scott is a PGY3 resident in the Diagnostic Radiology program. Originally from Calgary, he betrayed his hometown to attend medical school in Edmonton and liked it so much he decided to stay for residency.
Outside of medicine, he can often be found cooking or eating out at various local restaurants. During the rare times he isn’t eating, Scott is probably planning elaborate vacations or tinkering on anything with an engine. Feel free to reach out to him with any questions about Edmonton, Radiology, or anything else that comes to mind!
Email: sawong1@ualberta.ca 


Sung is a PGY-3 in Diagnostic Radiology program at UofA. Originally from Halifax NS, curiosity for West Coast brought him to Vancouver BC for medical school. After spending most of his life in coastal cities, another curiosity for Alberta’s lifestyles landed him in Edmonton for residency. Outside of medicine, Sung is a MMA/martial art enthusiast. He has a black belt in Judo, and blue belt in jiu jitsu. He also enjoys exploring restaurants and breweries. If you have any questions regarding CaRMS, PGY1 year, or anything else, Sung is more than happy to answer!
E: sunghan1@ualberta.ca 



Mike is a PGY3 who grew up in St. Paul, Alberta, and did an undergraduate/Master’s degree at the University of Alberta in Electrical/Biomedical Engineering. He attended the University of British Columbia (Vancouver Campus) for Medical School, and is now glad to be back home for Radiology Residency. He’s been re-adjusting to the Edmonton winters remarkably well all things considered! Outside of medicine, his hobbies revolve around digital art, photoshop, video games, and tennis.
Feel free to reach out with any questions whatsoever, whether about PGY1 year, CaRMS, the University of Alberta or any topic that comes to mind!
E: mwaine@ualberta.ca 


Cindy is a PGY-2 radiology and nuclear medicine resident. She completed all of her schooling in Edmonton. In her free time, she likes to explore new restaurants, experiment with recipes, and play video games. However, her time has been taken up recently with battling pest infestations in her houseplant collection. Contact her if you have questions about life in Edmonton and residency in general!
E: xqian@ualberta.ca 



Jordan is a PGY3 Rads/Nucs resident, life-long Edmontonian, and sports enthusiast.
Claim to fame: Winning Nitro Circus tickets at an Oilers game he attended for free.
He enjoys spending time with his wife and son, or getting outdoors to ski, golf, and hike.
Currently working through the offservice year, he is happy to answer any questions about why rads is a great choice, or about life in Edmonton.
Email: Rgarside@ualberta.ca