About the Alberta School of Forest Science & Management

Integrating Ecological, Economic and Social Forestry Research and Education
The Alberta School of Forest Science & Management highlights, guides and enhances the University of Alberta's commitment to education and research in the area of Forest Science & Management, by building and supporting effective local, provincial, national and international partnerships. We also work to ensure that the full benefits of sustainable forest management and innovative forest sector technologies accrue to Albertans.

Forest Ecology
Understanding the forest resource: The forest resource is a complex system of biological and ecological processes. For many researchers in the Alberta School of Forest Science and Management this means studying the various system components, such as tree and plant physiology, soil, water, genetic and spatial variation, biodiversity, climate, wildlife, insects, pathogens, and their inter-relationships within the forest ecosystem. Together, they advance the scientific knowledge base and provide the foundation from which sustainable forest management practices and policies can be built.

Sustainable Forest Management

Managing and protecting the forest resource: Researchers in the Alberta School of Forest Science and Management conduct research on intensive and extensive management systems to determine if they are ecologically and socially sustainable. They also look at the integration of these forest management systems with natural and man-induced disturbances, biodiversity conservation, water quality and wildlife habitat, which are all critical factors for sustainable forest management.

Social and Economic Values
Benefiting from the forest resource: Canada's forests provide many benefits to our society: natural habitat, clean air and water, wood for lumber and paper, recreation opportunities, wilderness experiences and spiritual enrichment. At the Alberta School of Forest Science and Management, researchers study the social, cultural and economic impact of the forest resource on local, national and global communities. They provide leadership in policy development to ensure that the forest resource will continue to benefit society for generations to come.