Conservation Biology

Conserving and restoring biodiversity in the face of growing human-caused and natural disturbances and stresses is among the most pressing global challenges of our age. Our research in this area focuses on understanding drivers and patterns of biodiversity, at various spatial and temporal scales and organizational levels, and how these are affected by human-caused and natural disturbances and stresses (e.g., wildland fire, insect outbreaks, forest harvesting, oil and gas exploration and exploitation, agriculture, climate change. We aim to increase our understanding of the resilience of ecosystems and landscapes and for our research to inform new approaches to management and conservation.


John Acorn: Entomology & Wildlife Biodiversity and Ecology
René Belland: Bryophyte Biodiversity and Rare Plant Conservation
Jen Beverly: Wildland Fire Management
Lee Foote: Wetland Ecology and Management
Carol Frost: Anthropod Community Ecology
Andreas Hamann: Conservation Genetics and Climate Change Adaptation
Fangliang He: Biodiversity and Landscape Modeling
Ellen Macdonald: Northern Vegetation Ecology and Biodiversity
M. Anne Naeth: Restoration and Diversity
Scott Nielsen: Applied Conservation Ecology
Rick Pelletier: Spatial information systems, GIS, remote sensing
Mark Poesch: Aquatic Ecology and Conservation
Fiona Schmiegelow: Northern Ecosystems and Wildlife