Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The Department of Renewable Resources strives to promote equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) of people from marginalized groups, including women, racialized and Indigenous peoples, people with disabilities, immigrants, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

We promote a diverse community at all levels, including undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, staff, faculty and leadership. Our objective is to ensure an inclusive environment and equal access and opportunities for all our Department’s members.

For this purpose, the Department of Renewable Resources has assigned a committee to identify and address potential EDI issues, to improve recruitment and retention practices, and to enhance the learning and working environment for all members.

On this page, you can find information about our work and terms of references, committee membership, options to join the committee, contact information for suggestions and complaints with an anonymous reporting option, and EDI resources.

Objectives & terms of reference
The EDI committee of the Department of Renewable Resources is meant to help identify any issues and gaps regarding equity, diversity and inclusion, especially those related to teaching and research activities involving students.

The committee will review departmental policies and practices (e.g. student recruitment, field research, course syllabi) for their consideration of EDI, consult with EDI-related groups in the Department, and collect input from any concerned member of the community.

Any issues identified will be addressed through providing templates for documents that can improve EDI consideration in teaching and research, communicating EDI resources to students, faculty and staff, and to directly provide support to resolve any individual EDI issues.

The complete document of our terms of reference can be viewed here.
Committee members & open positions
Committee Member Position
David Olefeldt Faculty representative and Committee Chair
Ferf Brownoff Undergraduate student representative
Carol Frost Faculty representative
Cole Gross Graduate student (thesis-based) representative
Andreas Hamann Faculty representative
Michelle Moawad Graduate student (thesis-based) representative
Charles Nock Faculty representative


Open Positions

  • Staff representative (1 seat)
  • Graduate student (course-based) representative (1 seat)
  • Undergraduate student representative (1 seat)
  • Postdoc representative (1 seat)

Please fill the following form to nominate yourself.

Contacts, complaints, alerts & feedback

To contact the committee, please use the following email: renr.edi@ualberta.ca. Emails sent to this address will reach all members of the EDI committee. However, you can also contact the committee chair or any of our members individually, using this contact list.

You can further file an anonymous complaint, alert, or provide general feedback for the Department of Renewable Resources on EDI issues, without revealing your name. We welcome feedback on any matter that concerns you or your peers and colleagues in the Department. Use this anonymous form to make your voice heard.

While we cannot follow-up directly with you on anonymous feedback, we will post general replies in the section on committee activities, resources, and Q&A below.

Scholarships and awards targeting EDI

Listed below are scholarships that specifically target equity, diversity and inclusion, and that in the past have been received by students of our Department.

Scholarships announced through the Departmental mailing list

  • Delta Delta Delta Alumnae Fellowship (for women)
  • Jean Isabel Soper Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Science (preference given to women)
  • Dr. William A. Fuller Memorial Graduate Scholarship (targeting indigenous research)

Scholarships adjudicated through the University of Alberta

External scholarships

  • Margaret Brine graduate scholarship (webpage)
  • Women in STEM Scholarship (webpage)
Committee activities, resources, Q&A, Links

Committee activities, resources, Q&A

  • Committee activities and resources (Google doc)
  • General answers to questions and feedback (Google doc)


Contact Info

To contact the committee, please use the following email: renr.edi@ualberta.ca. Emails sent to this address will reach only current members of the EDI committee. You can also use our Anonymous form to send anonymous feedback, comments, or complaints.