Environmental Soil Science

Soil quality is an essential part of healthy ecosystems. Research in soil science focuses on water and nutrient cycling in agricultural and forested ecosystems, soil carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas emissions from soils, and the impacts of natural and anthropogenic disturbance on soil quality with implications for forest and crop production.


Scott Chang: Forest Soils and Nutrient Dynamics
Miles Dyck: Contaminants in Soils, Soil Physics
Robert Grant: Ecosystem Modeling
Guillermo Hernandez Ramirez: Carbon and Nitrogen Fluxes in Agroecosystems
M. Derek MacKenzie: Soil-Plant Relations
M. Anne Naeth: Contaminated Soils and Anthroposols
David Olefeldt: Catchment and Wetland Sciences
Sylvie Quideau: Soil Biogeochemistry
William Shotyk: Geochemistry of the Soil Environment
Tariq Siddique: Soil Chemistry and Environmental Microbiology