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Annual Forest Industry Lecture Series Sponsorship: January-December 2018

The Department of Renewable Resources would like to invite you and your organization to join our current sponsors in supporting our Forest Industry Lecture Series (FILS). It is through the valuable contributions from our sponsors that the Forest Industry Lecture Series has continued, uninterupted, for the past 40 years. Support for this series currently comes from a broad range of sources, including the Forest Industry, Provincial Government, Federal Government, Industrial Associations, Research Institutions, NGOs and Consultants.

Sponsorship benefits include unlimited attendance at the lectures held the first Thursday each March and November, an opportunity to meet informally as invited guests to the FILS Sponsor Dinner following the lecture, and access to our graduate student poster presentation event in March where graduate students present their latest research findings.
We trust that you will consider supporting FILS. Please see the table below for annual sponsorship levels.
Sponsorship Level Number of Dinner Guests

Sponsorship Value

Number of Dinner Representatives













$5000 +


If you choose to sponsor FILS, please contact Sharon Katzeff, our FILS Coordinator at the address below.

Sharon Katzeff

Faculty Events Coordinator
Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences
2-06 Agriculture Forestry Centre
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2P5
Tel: 780 492 0379
Fax: 780 492 8524
Email: skatzeff@ualberta.ca