The School of Library and Information Studies offers a diverse selection of courses for graduate and undergraduate students, and workshops for the professional community (see list below). However, with the exception of core courses, practicum, and capping exercise, not all elective courses are offered every year. Some electives requiring in-person instruction are not available to online students. 

Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) students are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of their registration and for the completion of the specified degree requirements. Students should consult with their Program Advisor and refer to the University Calendar for guidance in course selection.

MLIS Courses

A comprehensive list of courses for SLIS students in the online and on-campus MLIS offering.

External Courses

Graduate courses from other departments applicable to the MLIS program

Requests for Course Approval

Required permission forms for MLIS students who want to take non-LIS courses at the University of Alberta or required courses from another American Library Association (ALA) accredited university program.