Tuition and Finance

Tuition for graduate students at the University of Alberta is based on the type of program (thesis or course based, online or on-campus) and whether you are registered full-time or part-time­. Online students are assessed at a different tuition rate which allows us to offer the online MLIS to students residing outside of Alberta.

Some non-instructional fees are not assessed for online students because some services, such as the UPass or PAW Centre, are not utilized.

Please note that the information available via the links below are estimates only. Your official fee assessment will be available in Bear Tracks.

Sample Fee Assessments

The MLIS program sample fee assessments are based Faculty of Graduate Study and Research (FGSR) Tuition and Fees. Sample assessments for on-campus programs apply to Canadian citizen and Permanent Resident students. International students interested in an on-campus program should refer to International Tuition in the section below. 

Thesis-based Graduate students should be aware that program fees will be assessed in both Fall/Winter and in Spring/Summer terms. The Online MLIS and MBA programs have non-standard fees. Please contact FGSR for combined degree program fee information.

International Tuition

If you are an international student seeking admission (or admitted) to a graduate program beginning in Fall 2020 or later, please note that the University of Alberta is introducing a new tuition model for international students who enrol in new programs.

FGSR | Tuition Framework for International Students Admitted in Fall 2020 and Beyond

Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries

There are numerous scholarships, awards, and bursaries available including awards specific to SLIS students.