Undergraduate Program

The Bachelor of Education Secondary program is a specialized program in which students will select a teachable major and minor. The program prepares students to instruct in these two subject areas in Grades 7-12. It consists of 120 units of course weight (120*) overall and a total of 14 weeks of student teaching. The program can be completed in four years.

Students with an approved degree could also be eligible for the After Degree program. The length of the After Degree program will vary depending on the courses you present at the time of admission; all students will complete two student teaching experiences for a total of 14 weeks.

Upon completing the either program, students will earn a Bachelor of Education degree (BEd) and will be recommended for teacher certification in Alberta.

Our Program

The Department of Secondary Education offers courses with the following prefixes: EDCT, EDES, EDSE, along with EDU 100 and EDU 300. Undergraduate courses are those that follow the 100-499 number series.

Complete course descriptions may be found in the current University of Alberta Academic Calendar under Course Listing. Students are required to take the appropriate curriculum courses for

NOTE: Some courses may not be offered every year. For current offerings and timetable information please search for courses by logging onto Bear Tracks. Once there you can choose to login as a guest or with a current Campus Computing ID and password.

Students who are admitted into the Secondary Education program are required to take EDSE curriculum and instruction courses related to their major and minor subject areas during both their Introductory Professional Term (IPT) and their Advanced Professional Term (APT).

Education Students' Associations

The University of Alberta's Education Students' Association is an ATA Student Local, striving to create a community for all students within the Faculty of Education, to provide a voice for all Education students, and to provide services that work towards the academic, professional, and social enhancement of our members.

Undergraduate Program Administrator

Email: educ.sec@ualberta.ca
Phone: 780-492-3675
Fax: 780-492-7622