Certificate in Sustainability

Don't change majors. Change the world!

The Certificate in Sustainability rewards your choice to study pressing social, economic and environmental issues. Take courses outside of your faculty and gain deep knowledge of issues such as climate change, food security, biodiversity, renewable energy and social inequality.

Sustainability courses get you out in the world. Every graduate completes an integrative research project that could include field research, internships or community service-learning.

Get ready for the challenges of our generation. Work with some of UAlberta's top faculty members, people who have hands-on experience in global development, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, Indigenous governance, Northern research and more.

Develop solutions that matter. Past graduates' have made real contributions to their fields and gone on to careers in places like the Pembina Institute and the Government of Alberta.

Eligibility and Requirements

There is no cost to apply or complete the certificate. As an embedded certificate, students earn the designation while completing their undergraduate program in their respective faculties—no need to switch programs. Students have the opportunity to pursue the certificate in eleven different faculties:

  • ALES
  • Arts
  • Augustana
  • Business
  • Campus Saint-Jean
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Extension
  • Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation
  • Native Studies
  • Science

To earn the certificate, students must complete:

Engineering students: the certificate can be earned by counting program electives, complementary studies electives, and impact of technology on society courses. Please consult this guide to learn which courses are eligible by program.

How to Enroll

Starting by reading the requirements document for the full details on what it takes. Or get in touch if you prefer to ask your questions directly.

Certificate requirements Email us

Then check out the course lists. If you've already shown an interest in studying sustainability, you may already have the courses to qualify for the certificate.

core courses   electives

Finally, please register your intention to complete the certificate by enrolling. This will be the first step toward meeting an advisor to plan out an integrative capstone project.