• 44,069 students from 156 countries
  • 80% undergraduate students, 20% graduate students
  • 14,438 employees
  • one of Canada's Greenest Employers since 2009
  • more than 300,000 alumni
  • $348.5 billion annual revenue of organizations founded by alumni
  • $1.4 billion endowment
  • 18 faculties
  • 5 campuses
  • 200+ undergraduate programs
  • 500+ graduate programs
  • 100+ institutes and centres
  • 800+ teaching and research agreements with 50 countries
  • 41 3M National Teaching Fellows (most in Canada)
  • 75 Rhodes Scholars
  • Athletic excellence: 78 national titles (3rd most in Canada), 2,907 Academic All-Canadians (most in Canada)


North Campus (original): Located in the province's capital of Edmonton, on the edge of the North Saskatchewan River valley, the campus covers about 50 city blocks, with abundant green spaces among its 150 buildings.

South Campus: Much of the university's agricultural research in areas such as food safety and crop use for food and industrial products takes place at the Edmonton Research Station. A prominent sight on this campus is the Saville Community Sports Centre, a 32,516-square-metre, multi-use recreation centre that is home to 14 varsity athletic teams, several community sports clubs, and the Canadian women's national basketball team.

Augustana Campus: An hour's drive from Edmonton in the rural community of Camrose, Augustana Campus offers degree programs in the liberal arts and sciences in an intimate residential learning environment. Specializations include a signature outdoor education program, nationally competitive sport programs, and international study opportunities.

Campus Saint-Jean: "The U of A en français"-is a one-of-a kind gem in the heart of Edmonton's francophone community a short shuttle ride from the North Campus. A French-language campus, Campus Saint-Jean offers degree programs in arts, commerce, education, engineering (first year), science, nursing, and conservation and environmental sciences, as well as master's programs in education and arts.

Enterprise Square: Creating a vibrant hub in downtown Edmonton's historic former Bay Building, Enterprise Square is home to TEC Edmonton, the Faculty of Extension, the Alberta School of Business executive education and family business programs, and administrative units including Advancement and Alumni Relations.

Calgary: Though not technically a campus, the U of A's Calgary Centre houses staff from University Relations; Advancement; the Registrar's Office; the Faculty of Engineering; the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences; the Alberta School of Business; and the School of Public Health. Its purpose is to engage 20,000-plus Calgary-area alumni, as well as learners, prospective students, donors, and other university supporters.


Students by Home Address 2018-19


  • Undergraduate: 22,739
  • Graduate: 3,144

Elsewhere in Canada

  • Undergraduate: 2,718
  • Graduate: 1,457


  • Undergraduate: 5,666
  • Graduate: 3,370

Student Enrolment and Registration 2018-19

  • Undergraduate full-time: 28,709
  • Undergraduate part-time: 2,414
  • Graduate full-time: 6,508
  • Graduate part-time: 1,463

Tuition and fees

  • $6,943.86 per year (full-time arts, domestic)
  • $23.291.46 per year (full-time arts, international)

Average Class Size at UAlberta

Course Level
Avg. Class Size
No. of Courses
100-299 61 2,385 145,552
300-499 30 3,329 101,008
500-599 18 1,794 32,854
600+ 30 389 11,484
All 37 7,867 290,898

Current as of January 2019


Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates Awarded by Faculty 2017-18

  • Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences: 482
  • Arts:1,285
  • Augustana: 178
  • Business: 934
  • Education: 1,176
  • Engineering: 1,343
  • Extension: 25
  • Kinesiology, Sports, and Recreation: 279
  • Law: 164
  • Medicine & Dentistry: 516
  • Native Studies: 40
  • Nursing: 509
  • Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences: 148
  • Public Health: 76
  • Rehabilitation Medicine: 347
  • Saint-Jean: 107
  • Science: 1,428

Number of parchments for certificates and citations issued by the Faculty of Extension: 738


Student Enrollment Data

  1. All student enrollment data uses the official Fall Headcount. The Fall Headcount is a distinct count of students registered as of December 1 of the reported year.
  2. Undergraduate Count includes Career Preparation and Undergraduate numbers.
  3. All student data excludes Medical and Dental Residents, students who are auditing courses and withdrawn students.

Student Convocation Data

  1. Data is Considered Preliminary until December 31 for each respective convocation year.
  2. Count of Degrees Awarded will include duplicates for students who receive more than one degree per ceremony. For instance, a student graduating with a Bachelor of Arts and a Cert in Globalization and Governance will be counted twice under the Faculty of Arts.

Faculty and Staff Data

  1. Faculty and Staff Headcounts are as of Oct. 1 of each reported year.
  2. Counts reflect employees who are active or on leave.
  3. Faculty includes Contingent Faculty unless otherwise specified.

Source: Acorn - Institutional Data Warehouse
Prepared on: March 19, 2019