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An introduction to the biology, diversity, ecology, and behaviour of arthropods with a focus on insects and their roles in human society. Students will examine the importance of insects in processes that impact humans such as nutrient cycling, forensics, pollination, herbivory and disease transmission. Students will differentiate the beneficial and detrimental roles of insects in agricultural and forest ecosystems, and use the principles of integrated pest management. Insect conservation and the importance of insects in human culture will also be discussed.

Prerequisites: None.

About the Course

Students will learn about insect biodiversity and the relationships of insects with other terrestrial arthropods. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of insect biology and their various life histories. The beneficial and detrimental interactions between insects and humans will be explored in detail.

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the evolutionary relationships between insects and their arthropod relatives
  • Inventory major groups of insects and their diversity
  • Demonstrate evolutionary adaptations that make insects successful
  • Discuss insect biology and insect-human interactions
  • Evaluate positive and negative interactions between insects and humans
  • Propose practical and symbolic roles insects play in human societies


The course is accompanied by an information packet that outlines the course, and each module comes with a set of course notes and videos.

Course Format

The on-line format of the course provides flexibility to learners in timing and location of instruction. The class consists of 12 modules of lecture videos hosted on the Coursera platform that are 3-35 minutes in length, interspersed with ungraded in-video quiz questions and quizzes. The course also includes graded module quizzes and two written assignments hosted on eClass, as well as a midterm and final exam.

ENT 101 students are required to take the midterm and final exam on campus.

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