Interactive Learning Objects

Interactive Learning Objects (ILOs) are further opportunities for student engagement and constructive learning within online courses, such as our Dino 101 MOOC experience. These ILOs are client-side objects run entirely as self-contained content on the client's machine. Because we build ILOs in HTML5 and Javascript, they are flexible and can be used in blended or MOOC courses built for Coursera, edX, Moodle, among others.

Geologic Time Scale
Geologic Time Scale

Navigate through the history of earth and explore important events in time.

Launch the Geologic Time Scale
Unlock the 3D Fossil Viewer
3D Fossil Viewer

Reveal new fossils as you work your way through the course.

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Tyrannosaurus Puzzle
Tyrannosaurus Skeleton

Start from the hips and assemble a Tyrannosaurus skeleton.

Launch the Tyrannosaurus skeleton
Parasaurolophus Puzzle
Parasaurolophus Skeleton

Start from the hips and assemble a Parasaurolophus skeleton.

Launch the Parasaurolophus skeleton
Phylogenetic Tree
Phylogenetic Tree

Match the pieces to their labels on the Phylogenetic Tree.

Launch the Phylogenetic Tree