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Calendar Description

For students from faculties outside the Faculty of Native Studies with an interest in acquiring a basic familiarity with Indigenous/non-Indigenous relationships. Consists of a survey of historical and contemporary relationships between Indigenous peoples and newcomers, with the aim of expanding the understandings held by many Canadians about these relationships. This course will be delivered online. Not open to students with credit in NS 200. Not designed for Native Studies majors.


About Indigenous Canada

This online course will provide students with a broad and integrated overview of Indigenous histories and contemporary issues in Canada. By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Describe the significance of stories and storytelling in Indigenous societies;
  • Identify history that comes from Indigenous worldviews;
  • Discuss pre-contact trading systems between Indigenous peoples of North America;
  • Identify social, political and economic ramifications of the fur trade on Indigenous peoples;
  • Outline the temporal and geographical history of the numbered treaties;
  • Examine the ways in which the Indian Act contributed to assimilation;
  • Trace the development and implementation of the residential school system in the period after Confederation.;
  • List different Indigenous political structures and the impacts of colonialism on these structures;
  • Discuss key concepts of case law associated with Aboriginal title, rights to land and resources;
  • Identify the impact of colonialism on Indigenous women;
  • Outline some of the artistic responses of Indigenous artists, musicians, and writers to the impacts of colonialism.

Course Format

Indigenous Canada consists of twelve modules, each with a series of video lectures, a set of course notes and course glossary, and required and recommended readings.

This course will be delivered online.

Not open to students with credit in NS 200. Not designed for Native Studies majors.


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